Just My Fitness, Inc 11/30/16

Just MY FITness, Inc is a well-established private personal training center conveniently located near routes 490 & 441 & Panorama Trail. Out goals & services are dedicated to fitness, heath and wellness. We are taking the next step to enhancing the experience for our clientele and invite you to look at our private training center.

Sublessee benefits include:
* ready access to existing clientele and the autonomy to build your own client base
* free us of the fitness facility
* marketing of your services/practice on our website, at events we sponsor & in-house
* large kitchen, boasting a full size fridge, microwave and ample dining area
* includes utilities***
* two or more offices will generate a combined total lower than per office rate
The center boasts floor to ceiling tinted window, parabolic lights, roadside exposure, ample parking, secured entry, shower, extensive storage, interior signage for each professional on site.

Office #1  – Occupied

Office #2  – 8.5 x 10.5   $625

Office #3  – 10.5 x 12.5  $915

Office #4 – 8 x 8    $450

Office #5  –  20 x 13.5^  $1890
This office has potential 2 office within and/or semi partitioned entry way for additional privacy

*** Should your business hose an on-site event that requires extensive use for utilities, a minimum of $25 and no more than $100 will be incurred, depending on the extensiveness of use>

Inquires and/or to schedule a tour, contact:  Kathy McClare  585-748-0664

Just MY FITNess, Inc
www.justmyfitnessnow.com    806 Linden Ave  Suite 100   Rochester, NY 14625