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Job Posting

January 6,2015

General Description:

The position of massage therapist is a per diem position that will become part/full time depending on patient flow.  The applicant will provide massage therapy to a wide array of patient types with a primary focus on injury treatment,  prevention and overall wellness.  Also assist in the development of massage therapy and its related services along all facilities.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


  1. Perform massage techniques that are commensurable with the treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries. As well as techniques to encourage injury prevention and overall wellness.
  2. Prepare proper documentation for patient visits at every visit and schedule appointments as needed.
  3. Maintain and prepare work area as appropriate for massage practice.
  4. Practice proper hygiene and infection control as necessary.
  5. Assist chiropractors with myofascial work during patient visits as needed.
  6. Provide off site massage at events in which the practice participates.
  7. Develop massage therapy clientele and maintain a consistent flow of new and existing patients
  8. Help to develop new and existing massage services along all facilities.

Organizational Relationships:

  1. Reports to the Executive Managing Partner.
  2. Collaborates with members of the practice team and administration.

Methods of accountability:

  1. Verbal and written communications with the Executive Managing Partner
  2. Verbal and written feedback from staff and other practice stakeholders
  3. Annual performance evaluations by the Managing Executive Partner

Education, Training and Experience:

  1. NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
  2. Requires strong interpersonal, organizational and presentation skills.
  3. Positive upbeat personality that provides a healing environment.
  4. Experience in health related discipline (preferred but not required)
  5. Certification in orthopedic massage (preferred but not required)

Working Environment and Contributions:


  1. Clean, ventilated, lighted and temperature-controlled office setting.


  1. Positive, collaborative, professionally supportive and academically stimulating environment.




If you are interested in applying for this position; please submit a cover letter, resume and three letters of professional reference to: Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness c/o Dr. Baldini, 7960 Oswego Rd., Liverpool, NY 13090 or e-mail your response to:


Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness  is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate against employees on the basis of age, race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or handicapping conditions (or any other protected status)