Admissions Directors

Molly Breen
Admissions Director

719 E. Genesee St
Syracuse,NY 13210

Phone: 315-454-7839

Click on the video below to learn a little more about me and my passion for helping you explore your possibilities in the Massage Therapy profession.

Call or text me at 315-454-7839 so that I can support you on the path of exploring massage.

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Christine Penner, LMT & Shelby Beyler, LMT
Admissions Directors

302 N. Goodman Street
Rochester,NY 14607

Phone: 585-690-6902


Call or text me at 585-690-6902 so I may help you start your journey on becoming a massage therapist! 

I look forward to working with you personally as we explore the possibilities of your new career

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Our facilities might be closed until further notice, but we are now scheduling virtual tours to answer any questions you may have and help you learn about your potential future in massage therapy. Fill out a form or give us a call to learn more!