Chronic Pain: How Massage Therapy Can Help With Pain Management

Massage therapy is often thought of as one of the best ways to relax. But, did you know it can do more than just be a form of relaxation? Massage therapy can be a great way to help those suffering from chronic pain. Keep reading to learn how massage therapy can act as a natural alternative to pain treatment!

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) can be the result of a condition or old injury where your body may continue to hurt weeks, months, or even years after the original injury. The effects of this pain can lead to a lower quality of life by decreasing mobility and leaving a negative effect on mental health, like causing depression or anxiety.

Chronic pain affects more than 50 million people around the world. It is the most common long-term disability in America, affecting more than 19 million people.

Common Causes of Chronic Pain

There are a variety of causes of chronic pain, and it’s often more than just an old sports injury. The most common causes of this condition are:

  • Previous injuries
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

People who suffer from CPS can experience a spike in their stress levels, which can lead to other negative health impacts. Change in appetite, limited mobility, and lack of energy are often caused by chronic pain.

How Massage Therapy Can Relieve Chronic Pain

Just like how massage therapy can improve your mental health, it can help with chronic pain, too! Massage Therapy can be an integral part of your pain management process and may even reduce the amount of pain medication needed. By reducing the stress level of pain, you can help improve your quality of life.

If you’re thinking about getting massage therapy to relieve your chronic pain, it’s important to communicate clearly with your massage therapist. After all, you know your body the best! Massage can dive into pain in a variety of areas, including muscles, tendons, and joints, to relieve pain, such as:
man getting a knee massage

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • Cancer pain

No matter what type of pain you are suffering from, choosing the right kind of massage may provide much-needed relief.

What Types of Massages Can Help With Chronic Pain?

As CPS can appear in various forms, finding the right technique can help. Those suffering from fibromyalgia will most likely prefer a lighter touch to help ease stiffness, while those suffering from old injuries may need something a bit more targeted. Here are a few techniques that may be helpful.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, considered the classic massage, is most often used as it can help improve circulation and release the tension in stiff and tight muscles that may be causing pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deep layers in the muscle and the connective tissue. For those with CPS, these areas can be hard to reach for an extended period of time, so it provides much-needed relief.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage can target the areas in the neck that cause migraines, helping to alleviate the pressure.
woman getting neck massage

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage has a variety of benefits that can help you. It can improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and more. Not only does it aid in mental health, it can improve physical aspects such as the immune system.

By reducing your stress, it can help calm your mind allowing for greater mental alertness. Massage therapy can also help you get active again. Exercise releases endorphins and can help boost your body and mind. If you would like to consider adding massage therapy to your pain management routine, check out our clinic, where all services are supervised by a licensed massage therapist. Learn more about massage therapy benefits.

Do You Want To Help People Through Massage Therapy?

Do you want to help people who have conditions like Chronic Pain Syndrome? If so, our massage therapy program may be just right for you! We strive to teach our students a wide range of techniques in order to help them feel prepared for whatever area of massage they’re most passionate about. Contact us or book a tour to learn how you can get started at Onondaga School of Massage Therapy (OSTM)!

Student of the Month: Jacob Eich

It’s time to once again recognize one of our amazing students! This month, we’d like to congratulate Jacob Eich for being our Student of the Month at our Syracuse location. We’ve loved having the opportunity to see Jacob develop skills in an industry that he’s so passionate about. Read more to learn about Jacob and why he decided to begin an education in massage therapy!

Jacob Eich

About Jacob

While Jacob was chosen as our Student of the Month for multiple reasons, one of his qualities that stuck out to us was his dedication to school and learning all that he can. Before enrolling in our massage therapy program, Jacob was a student at the State University of New York College (SUNY) at Cortland. After learning more about the human body, he decided to pursue an education dedicated to massage therapy so he could learn how to help people with their health and wellness.

When we asked what’s one of his favorite parts about the massage industry, he said that he loves that he’s able to have a lasting impact on helping people with their health in such a direct way. We are so excited to hear that Jacob was able to continue his passion for learning and helping others at our school!

Experience in Massage Therapy School

Jacob said that he chose to study here after hearing our alumni talk about their experience with our instructors and curriculum. In the massage industry, we know that it’s extremely important to know that you have a support system who can encourage you and help you become better at something you love.

We’re happy to hear that both our current and past students have created a community that helps people like Jacob feel welcomed. In fact, Jacob says that the close community of massage therapists is his favorite part of the industry. He loves that everyone around him all work towards the same goal of helping people feel better. At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM) we work hard to make sure everyone feels included in our family. Since joining us, Jacob has become an important member of our school!

Future in Massage

With Jacob’s work ethic and passion for helping others, we can’t wait to see what he’s able to accomplish in the massage therapy industry. When we asked where he gets the inspiration to keep going after his dreams, he said that he’s inspired by the people who always fight for what they most want to achieve and don’t let anything stand in their way. We see that hard-working attitude so much in Jacob, which is why we know that he’s become a great example of what a student at our school should be!

Jacob plans to keep learning all about different massage techniques so he can inspire people to make a change for themselves. As part of our program, students have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned on real clients. After watching Jacob interact with clients and seeing how much he’s improving in multiple massage techniques, we know that he’ll continue to be an amazing addition to the industry!

Want to Start Your Education?

Did you love hearing about Jacob’s story? If you’re interested in a career that allows you to heal others, then our massage therapy program could be a great option for you too! Contact us to learn more about our program and how you can get started on the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Student of the Month: Jamie Francis

We are excited to congratulate Jamie Francis on being our Student of the Month for November! Her positivity and professionalism are just some of the reasons why she’s become an amazing addition to our campus. Read more about her to find out why she switched to massage therapy after working in the same job for 18 years and what her plans are for a career in the massage industry!

Jamie Francis

About Jamie

Before enrolling in our massage therapy program, Jamie was working in banking for 18 years. So why did she decide to make such a big change? Jamie said that four years before applying, she had been receiving massages and personally experiencing the healing benefits that come from them. That’s when she decided that a future in massage could be a great career path for her. “I wanted to work in a peaceful, healing environment making people feel amazing like my massage therapists did for me,” she told us.

Even though leaving a career path she had been on for 18 years was a big change, Jamie says that it has been worth it! It’s allowed her to study her passions of holistic health and natural healing of the body and mind in a relaxing and encouraging environment. Jamie believes that making the switch to massage therapy helped her career line up with her morals, ethics, values, and passion. We are so glad to hear that massage therapy has been a great fit for Jamie and that she could study something she loves with us!

Experience at OSTM

Jamie says that she chose to study here because of the positive alumni feedback and an easy application process. She also said that our school’s welcoming atmosphere was why she felt like this was the right place for her. We know that having a safe space to learn what you love is important for massage therapy so we’re happy to hear that Jamie could feel at home with our staff and other students.

During her time studying with us, Jamie has made amazing progress in her skills and continues to improve. She says that she’s loved working with clients and knowing that she was able to relieve their pain. We can easily see the passion she has for helping people because of her positive attitude and constant smile! While performing massages, one of Jamie’s favorite things is that she’s able to personalize them to what each specific client needs by using multiple techniques and modalities. Making sure that every client receives a massage specific to their needs is one sign of an amazing massage therapist and we think it’s great that Jamie loves this about the industry!

Future in Massage

Jamie says that she’s inspired by her mother to work hard towards her passion for massage therapy. Three days before she was supposed to start our program, Jamie’s mother unexpectedly passed away. “She was my biggest fan and would be so proud of me and all I have accomplished at OSTM,” she told us. While watching Jamie put everything into our program, we couldn’t agree more with her!

After graduating from our program, Jamie has big plans for her future in massage therapy. She eventually wants to open her own practice so she can continue to help others heal their body and mind. With her passion and positive attitude, we can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish!

Want to Start Your Future in Massage?

Were you inspired by Jamie’s story and want to start your own journey into massage therapy? Our program could be a great way for you to get started! Contact us to learn more about us and how you can begin the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!

How Massage Therapy Can Help With Fibromyalgia

Massage therapy is well-known for helping people with relaxation, but it’s also a great therapeutic treatment for a variety of health conditions. Fibromyalgia is a great example of this! While massage therapy is a good way to care for multiple chronic pains, the lack of medication to treat fibromyalgia means that this is an especially important disorder for massage therapists to know about. Read more to learn about fibromyalgia and how massage therapy can help!

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain and can be accompanied by memory and mood problems, cognitive difficulties, fatigue, and more. Although there is no definitive explanation of why people experience this pain, doctors believe that it is related to an abnormal increase of chemical levels in the brain that signal pain. This means that they might be more sensitive to pain. Patients who have fibromyalgia will often experience these painful sensations for long periods of time, making doctors suspect that they have fewer cells than normal that help slows the pain signals down. While the causes of fibromyalgia aren’t known, doctors have found common factors that can make a person more likely to have this disease. These may be:

  • Genetics
  • Emotional or physical trauma
  • Infections or illnesses
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Gender (women are more likely to have this disease than men)

Depending on the person, symptoms of fibromyalgia may happen suddenly due to a traumatic event or illness, or these could build up slowly over time. The pain and inability to concentrate on everyday tasks can make this a frustrating disease, especially since many people don’t understand the extent of what people have to endure.

woman massaging head

How Can Massage Therapy Help People With Fibromyalgia?

Since doctors are still researching more about this disease, there is no known cure. While certain medications may help, people with fibromyalgia often need to look for other ways to alleviate their pain. That’s why massage therapy can be an amazing relief to people suffering from this disease.

Massage is known for helping people with issues like reducing stress, decreasing levels of anxiety and depression, and relieving pain throughout different areas of the body. These are all things that can help control fibromyalgia and with massage, people could be receiving this relief through natural medicine. As well as helping with these common problems, massage also offers another benefit by releasing endorphins. This is a great way to help specifically with fibromyalgia because endorphins act as the body’s natural painkillers!

Which Massage Techniques Help?

There are many different types of massage that help people with fibromyalgia. Some of them are:

  • Swedish massage
  • Trigger point
  • Myofascial release
  • Sports massage

There have been multiple studies that talk about the benefits people with fibromyalgia can have after being treated with Swedish massages. This therapy works great for this because it can help promote blood flow to multiple areas of the body, which could alleviate some pain from this disease.

couple receiving a massage

Along with Swedish massage, trigger point therapy is one of the most common massage techniques that are used to treat fibromyalgia symptoms. With this treatment, massage therapists can focus on the areas of the body that are causing their clients the most pain and apply the appropriate pressure to help reduce their discomfort.

How to Treat People With Fibromyalgia

If you have a patient suffering from this disorder, then you might want to think about approaching their massage differently from your other patients. Make sure to regularly check in with your client to ensure that you’re not causing their pain to become even worse. Not everyone with fibromyalgia experiences it the same so it’s the massage therapist’s responsibility to decide how they can best treat each individual client. Communication in massage is key, especially when dealing with this disorder.

Want to Help People Through Massage?

Do you want to help people with disorders like fibromyalgia through the healing methods of massage therapy? Our program could be a great option for you! We teach students a variety of techniques so they can feel prepared to enter whatever area of the massage industry they’re most passionate about. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started!

Student of the Month: Tyrone Kelly Jr.

Passionate about massage? So are the students at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), and they are shaping their futures with it. Our student of the month at our Rochester location is Tyrone Kelly Jr. and we are excited to share his story. Learn more about Tyrone’s story and how he is following his passion for massage.

Tyrone Kelly Jr.

About Tyrone

Tyrone is a multitasker, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, a master barber, owner of Plushh Salon, and a student in our massage therapy program. He’s motivated and driven, and when he puts his mind to something, he gives it his all. Tyrone has kept his business running while enrolled in our accelerated six-month program. We are so excited to see him succeed at school while balancing his own business at the same time.

We are amazed by Tyrone’s accomplishments both in school and out. He is proof that you can get an education while keeping up with a busy schedule, which fits his personality perfectly. When asked who inspires him, he replied, “Me. I’m very self-motivated and goal-oriented. I also feel responsible to lead by example.”

Can’t decide whether or not going to learn massage therapy is right for you? Follow Tyrone’s example and learn more about how he decided massage therapy was his next step.

Why Study Massage Therapy?

Tyrone decided to study massage because of his passion for health and wellness. He says he really enjoys massage and that it’s been an instrumental part of his life. Additionally, he’s hoping that studying massage therapy can give him an opportunity to expand his existing business.

In his experiences with massage therapy, Tyrone says his favorite part of the industry are the people he works with.

“I enjoy the exchange of energies and the ability to help others while simultaneously receiving a therapeutic release for myself,” Tyrone told us. “Nothing else matters when I practice.” Massage is powerful, and we appreciated hearing more about why he was so passionate about learning.

Why Choose OSTM?

Tyrone decided to develop his passion for massage through OSTM, which he heard about through word-of-mouth from former students. While he believes every day is great, he doesn’t think life would be as fulfilling without starting this education in massage at OSTM.

Future in Massage

Tyrone plans to expand the services offered at his hair salon by incorporating his massage practice. He wants to offer massage services daily in the morning and afternoon, either as an extension of or in collaboration with his existing business. We love the idea of combining massage and beauty together.

Given his prior business success, we think this is an achievable goal for Tyrone, and believe he can accomplish many more amazing things in the industry! We’ve definitely seen a variety of opportunities for our students, as there are many careers you can choose to pursue after gaining an education in massage.

Ready to Learn How Start a Massage Education?

Do you want to start learning massage therapy techniques with amazing students like Tyrone? At Onondaga, we strive to teach our students numerous massage techniques that can help prepare them for a future in massage! Contact us to learn more about our Massage Therapy program and how you can get started on the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Student of the Month: Jasmin Rodgers

At Onondaga School for Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we’re proud of our students and their incredible dedication to their education. We love watching them grow in something they’re passionate about and their positive attitudes make all the difference. Every month, we take the time to highlight one of our students to show them how much we appreciate their hard work. Our September student of the month for our Syracuse location is Jasmin Rodgers. Read our blog to find out more about her and why she’s an amazing student at our school!

picture of Jasmin Rodgers

About Jasmin

Jasmin’s positive outlook on life and her commitment to her education are just some reasons why she’s a great student at our school. Not only is she working hard to complete our massage therapy program, but she’s also an active duty service member in the military.

Along with her responsibilities as an active-duty soldier, Jasmin is also completely dedicated to learning more from our program. Even though her commute to our school is over an hour, she has an excellent attendance record. Her dedication to coming to school and learning all she can is why she maintains great grades and is an example to other students. She says she’s able to work so hard towards her dreams from the inspiration she gets from her daughter who encourages Jasmin to become better every day. We’re in awe of her and everything she’s been able to accomplish since starting her education in our program!

Why Study Massage Therapy?

Jasmin loves being an active-duty soldier, but she says that massage therapy has always been something she’s wanted to learn more about. She had never thought about pursuing an education in it, but after researching more and looking at our school’s reviews, she decided to apply! She enrolled in our accelerated six-month program to help with her schedule. We’re so glad that she was able to find a program right for her because she’s become an important part of our community.

Jasmin says that she wanted an education that would allow her to grow throughout her career. With the goal of becoming a business owner someday, massage seemed like a great opportunity to work towards something she loves while also having a flexible schedule. Jasmin says that being able to fit your passion around other life commitments while meeting new people and understanding new perspectives is one of her favorite parts about the massage industry. Even in our massage clinic, Jasmin is interacting with a lot of different people and learning a lot of useful skills for a future career!

Future in Massage

Jasmin plans on using her education in massage therapy to help other active-duty soldiers. Her future goal is to eventually own a spa that takes care of the military community by promoting relaxation and peace of mind. We think that this is the perfect way for Jasmin to combine her two passions. With her great attitude and passion to learn more, we can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish in the massage industry!

Ready to Start a Massage Education?

Do you want to learn the latest massage techniques with students like Jasmin? Our massage therapy program could be a great way to learn with others who share your same passion and start a future that you’re excited about. Contact us to find out more about how you can begin the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Student of the Month: Sarah Bello

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we love watching our students develop their skills in massage therapy! Their passion for healing others is incredible and we can already see the difference they’re making in people’s lives. Every month, we get to show off just how amazing and dedicated our students are by picking a student of the month. For our Rochester campus, we chose Sarah Bello as our September student of the month. Her positive attitude and strong desire to help others are just some reasons why Sarah’s an amazing student! Read more to find out why she started an education with us and her experience so far.

picture of Sarah Bello

The Switch to Massage Therapy

Before Sarah decided to pursue an education in massage therapy, she was living in Los Angeles and working in the film industry. The switch to a future in massage was a big change for her, but one she knew would be worth it. “I want to help people feel better, physically and mentally,” she told us. “I want to benefit society, not take away from it.” An education in massage seemed like the perfect opportunity for Sarah to help other people feel better and she applied for an education with us.

We’re so glad that Sarah was able to discover her passion for massage and begin an education with us. Her story is a great example that it’s never too late to start learning what you love!

Experience at OSTM

When looking for a school to start her massage education, Sarah knew that she wanted it to be the right fit for her. She decided to apply for an education with us because of our program’s curriculum and the supportive attitude of our entire staff. It’s important to us that we create a culture where students feel encouraged to develop their massage skills. Having students like Sarah choose to apply for our school because they feel supported to go after their goals means the world to us!

We’ve loved getting to know Sarah and watching her continue to develop her skills as she helps those around her every day. She said that one of her favorite parts about the massage industry is that she’s able to create her own unique future. “I love that [massage therapy] is versatile and that it’s easier to adapt your practice as you change and develop on your journey through life,” she said.

Not only is she providing relaxing massage techniques to clients, but she’s also dedicated to helping her fellow classmates. Sarah helps other students improve their techniques by offering peer tutoring in both Myology and Pathology. We continue to be amazed by her passion for helping others and her support has become such an important part of our OSTM community.

Future in Massage

Sarah says that she loves learning more about massage therapy and the healing benefits it can give people. As she’s made the switch to massage, Sarah said one of her favorite parts of has been to physically see the positive impact she’s making in people’s lives. She’s so glad that she made the switch because she believes that this industry gives her the opportunity to continue growing.

In the future, Sarah says that she eventually wants to have her own practice and continue her education in chiropractic care or acupuncture. With her hardworking attitude and dedication to help others, we have no doubt that Sarah is capable of accomplishing amazing things in this industry. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her!

Ready to Start Your Education

Do you want to start learning massage therapy techniques with amazing students like Sarah? At Onondaga, we strive to teach our students numerous massage techniques that can help them become successful for a career in massage! Contact us to learn more about our Massage Therapy program and how you can get started on the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Student of the Month: Katherine Fuller

Here at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we love watching our students learn what they’re passionate about. We don’t want all their hard work to go unnoticed. That’s why we take time each month to recognize one of our students here. This month we’re highlighting Katherine Fuller! Her passion for massage and helping others is just one reason why we think she’s a great student. Read more to find out about her journey in our program so far.

Picture of a Katherine Fuller

About Katherine

Katherine works as a bartender, but she knew that she wanted to do something else to help others. Massages have always been something that Katherine enjoyed, so an education in massage therapy seemed like the perfect opportunity to help others. She decided to attend our school after taking a tour of the campus and deciding that it was the right fit for her. “I decided on OSTM because the staff were incredible during the school tour,” she told us. “I could tell that the teachers and staff wanted you to be successful.”

We couldn’t be happier to hear about Katherine’s tour and that she could feel our staff’s support from the very start of her massage therapy journey. She’s been enrolled in our intensive 6-month program in July and since then she’s been putting in a lot of effort to learn more. We’re so proud of her dedication. Her passion is why she’s an amazing addition to our campus!

A Chance to Help Others

Katherine says that she loves the massage therapy industry because helping people is a big passion for her. With so many benefits that massage can offer people, it’s not hard to see why Katherine was drawn towards this industry. Her positive attitude and desire to help is why she’s great with clients.

As she’s started to work with clients, she’s already received great feedback from her clients about how skilled she already is! Since she loves helping people, we can see that she really listens to her clients and wants to give them the best massage experience possible. In an industry that focuses on providing relaxation for people, we know that Katherine can do incredible things after graduation!

Future in Massage

Family is important to Katherine and it was her mother who motivated her to go after a massage therapy education. “My mother inspired me to follow my dreams and has shown me that it is never too late to switch up what you want to do in life,” she told us. “She has always been hardworking and an amazing role model. You rock, Mom!!” We completely agree with Katherine’s mother and believe that you can start your passion wherever you are in life.

Katherine wants to continue helping people and she plans on doing this with her little sister. Her goal is to open up her own spa with her sister so they can provide people with the healing benefits of massage. With her supporting family, we can see where Katherine gets her caring nature. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes after graduation!

Want to Know More About Massage?

Do you want to start an education in massage with students who share your same passion? Our massage therapy program could be a great beginning for your new path! Contact us to learn about our programs, how to start the application process, and more. We can’t wait to help begin your journey!

Student of the Month: Catherine McNerney

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we have some of the most dedicated and passionate students in the massage industry! Every month we choose a student of the month because we don’t want their hard work to go unnoticed. This month, we decided to choose Catherine McNerney. Her passion for helping others is what makes her a great student and massage therapist. Read more to find out about her journey in massage therapy so far and what she hopes to accomplish in the future!

Picture of Catherine McNerney

Starting a Massage Therapy Education

Before Catherine enrolled in our massage therapy program, she already had a lot of experience in the medical world. She was working as a podiatric physician, but she wanted to expand her knowledge on how to help others feel better. Our massage therapy program became the perfect place for her to continue learning! Catherine says that she always wanted to learn more about the holistic side of medicine and our program has allowed her to pursue that passion. After learning more about our school and its convenient location, she knew that this was the right path for her.

Passion for Helping Others

It’s no secret that massage therapy can be a great future for someone who loves working with others and providing relief. In fact, that feeling of purpose has been one of Catherine’s favorite parts of massage since she’s enrolled. People will often rely on their massage therapists for both healing massages and the opportunity to talk with someone who listens. Catherine says that she’s enjoyed her education because she’s been able to meet new people and see how the holistic side of medicine benefits them! Being able to heal others directly with her hands has been one great advantage of her switch to an education that incorporates a holistic approach.

Not only does Catherine enjoy helping people through massage, but she also shows other students her caring nature as a myology peer tutor. Whenever anyone at Onondaga has a question or concern, we know that Catherine will offer them advice. It really makes a difference to someone’s education when they have a tutor who sincerely cares about their success and that’s exactly what Catherine does.

A Future in Massage

At Onondaga, we teach our students numerous massage therapy techniques to help them prepare for their unique journey after graduation. Our curriculum covers how massage can benefit the human body through different sides of medicine. Once she graduates from our program, Catherine says that she wants to incorporate massage into other medical fields. With her previous experience as a podiatric physician and her new massage therapy education, we’re so proud of all that she’s done here. We can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes.

Start Your Massage Education

Do you want to start your massage therapy education with amazing students like Catherine? If you love helping others feel great, then it could be a great career path for you! Contact us to learn more about our massage therapy program and how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

How Massage Therapy Can Help With Migraines

Massage therapy is often thought of as a treatment that can help you relax and rejuvenate for the coming weeks ahead. While massage therapy is known for providing relaxation, there are a variety of other healing benefits involved that people may not realize. Since massage techniques are often linked to nerve pathways and other areas that influence head pain, massage therapy can be a way to help alleviate migraines. Learn more about massage therapy and how it can help with migraine symptoms.

What is a Migraine

Those who have never experienced a migraine may confuse migraines as a simple headache, but they’re much more than that. This neurological disease is often identified by a throbbing sensation in the head with symptoms that can last for days at a time.

As opposed to a simple headache, a migraine can be a chronic condition. That means that people will often look for solutions that can help prevent the pain from happening again. A migraine is separated into four phases that start with warning signs and ends with the person feeling exhausted after experiencing the actual migraine. Symptoms of migraines through this process include:

  • Food cravings
  • Neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Changes in vision that might include: tunnel and blurred vision, blind spots, vision loss, or flashes of light
  • Vertigo
  • Throbbing, pulsing, or piercing sensation in head
  • Sensitivity to light, smells, sounds, and sometimes touch
  • Exhaustion or confusion
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling sensations in the arms or legs (may be localized to one side of the body)

There are a variety of ways to combat these symptoms. Massage therapy is a natural option you can use to help people who suffer from migraines.

How Massage Can Help With Migraine Pain

Migraines will often be accompanied by neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, and other related symptoms. Massage therapy can help alleviate pain in those areas by releasing muscle tension, improving blood flow, and easing muscle spasms. There are a variety of massage techniques that can target these areas to provide relief from migraines and even prevent them in the future.

Not only can massage therapy keep your muscles relaxed, but it can also lower stress levels and help with your overall emotional state. If you find that migraines are a recurring pattern in your life, then stress and anxiety may be a contributing factor. Studies have shown that when people are experiencing a lot of stress, their hormone levels may go up or down and this could trigger a migraine to occur. One of the most well-known health benefits of massage therapy is its ability to lower stress levels. A consistent massage therapy routine can prevent stress and migraines from occurring.

Massage Techniques That Can Help

There are a variety of massage techniques that could help with migraine symptoms. Some of these techniques include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Myofascial trigger point-focused massages
  • Shiatsu
  • Energy techniques

couple getting their head massaged

Pressure point techniques that focus on muscle lines, nerve pathways, and blood vessels are useful for helping with migraine symptoms. These can be a great way for relieving pressure in the face. That’s why Shiatsu and other pressure point techniques are great for alleviating migraine pain.

Migraine attacks can often happen because certain regions of the face become inflamed. The trigeminal nerves in the face and temple and the occipital nerves in the base of the skull are some areas that can become inflamed when someone experiences a migraine. One way to help prevent this inflammation is to place cold stones in these regions. The cool stones against these nerves can help soothe and keep them from getting irritated and inflamed again.

How to Treat People With Migraine Symptoms

Some people are more sensitive when it comes to getting massages and this can be especially important to remember when treating someone with migraine symptoms. Depending on which stage of a migraine they’re experiencing, they may only want a light massage. It’s important that you’re communicating with your client to make sure that what you’re doing isn’t making them more uncomfortable.

Want to Learn More About the Healing Benefits of Massage

If you loved learning about the healing benefits massage can have on migraines, then one of our Massage Therapy programs could be a great option for you! We teach students a variety of skills that can help you know how to deal with clients who have conditions like migraines. Schedule a tour to learn more about our programs and how you can get started.