Benefits of Being a Traveling Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a career full of freedom and opportunity, and that is especially true for people who decide to become traveling massage therapists! Instead of working in traditional spas or clinics, traveling massage therapists (also known as mobile massage therapists) set appointments to visit their clients at home and perform services in-house. For many massage therapists, this can be the ideal option because it gives them many benefits they might not have at a typical spa. Here are all the reasons you might enjoy being a traveling massage therapist:

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the main reasons many people love being traveling massage therapists is that they have complete control over their schedule. If you work in a spa or clinic you may not have total control over when you have to work, so traveling to your clients can give you greater freedom to go where you like, when you like. This is great for people who are trying to work additional jobs, manage time with family, or just like greater control of each day. You could even consider working before or after standard business hours since you aren’t restricted to spa operating hours!

Set Your Own Rules

Another big reason why many massage therapists love to travel to their clients is because they can choose their own practices, prices, or anything else! You essentially become your own business owner, so you get to make all of the executive calls. In a spa, your clients are often charged to pay for both your services and the facility. Traveling massage therapists don’t have to pay for facilities or electrical bills, so what they charge their clients is what they get to keep after they’ve paid for supplied like the massage table and supplies! You can also choose when you take your breaks, what services you want to offer, and build your own book of business. You’re free to be your own boss!

Pick Your Venue

With an increase in awareness of the benefits of massage therapy, more and more people are choosing to incorporate it in their professional and private lives. Many corporate events and expos even include massage therapy services for attendants, so working with these expos allows you to serve clientele in a unique and open environment. Whether you wish to work in large business venues, private homes, or anywhere in between, working as a mobile massage therapist allows you to make the choice for yourself!

Expand Networking Opportunities

Many massage therapists take advantage of social media to help promote their personal practice, and as a mobile massage therapist you could have even more opportunities to build your presence! A massage therapist who moves about is more likely to run into new people, so make sure you talk to everyone as you go about your days. Corporate events where you massage many new people throughout the day is also a good way to help get the word out about your services. Consider sharing business cards or connecting with people through social media to expand your reach!

Get Your Foundation at Onondaga

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