Learn Basic Holistic Massage at OSTM

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we believe that it’s important for our students to have the opportunity to learn a wide breadth of massage and wellness techniques. Everyone comes to massage school with different interests and goals, so teaching a wide array of techniques can allow students to explore new and different methodologies they may not have considered before. This is why we offer Energy Class as a part of the OSTM curriculum, as well as many other extra-curricular classes for students and alumni to attend outside of regularly-scheduled class time.

What Is Energy Class?

The energy class at OSTM is a section of our massage therapy program that can introduce students to many different energy work techniques. Energy work, referred to by many as a holistic massage technique, is the practice clearing clients of negative energy while protecting yourself from absorbing that negative energy. Everyone has positive and negative energy that they carry within themselves, so energy work can allow people to be purged of negative energy buildup. We bring practitioners in as much as possible to help expose students to some of the following techniques:

Chakra Healing

The human body has seven main energy centers throughout it called “chakras.” Each chakra has different physiological associations with illness, dysfunction, as well as strengths. Chakra healing is the technique of releasing stale energy from the related chakras to alleviate maladies and improve overall well being.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is another form of energy work that focuses on bringing energy into balance throughout the body. The technique is inspired by the Indian Ayurvedic health practices, and is designed to bring the mind and body together in harmony.


Reiki is another energy work technique, though this one originates from Japan. It is focused on the different qi located throughout the body. Reiki practitioners use a technique called “palm healing” or “hands-on healing” to transfer energy into the client to promote wellbeing. Shiatsu, another Japanese holistic massage modality, is also typically introduced in our massage therapy program.


Reflexology, also referred to as zone therapy, is a practice where pressure is applied to the feet and hands of clients with specialized techniques to release energy points in the body to improve wellbeing.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is another alternative wellness practice that is designed to relieve pain, release tension, and improve wellness throughout the body. The technique includes palpating, or touching and applying pressure to different parts of the cranium to promote flow.


These are just a few of the many techniques that can be touched on in the massage therapy program. We enjoy reviewing this broad spectrum of topics because it allows students to explore their interests and look at further specialization options after graduation.

Extracurricular Learning

At OSTM, learning doesn’t end when class gets out! We offer many extracurricular classes that are open to current and former students alike. We cover many different techniques, ranging from the ever-popular “cupping” practice to more obscure techniques like Indian head massage. Visit our Facebook events page to see our full schedule of upcoming classes.

Learn With OSTM

There’s no reason for you to settle for an ordinary massage therapy program. OSTM strives to bring a wide variety of techniques and modalities so that our students can feel confident and prepared after graduation. Contact us at our Syracuse or Rochester campuses to schedule your tour today.


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