Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage and Community Engagement

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage we are always trying to make a difference in our community. How do we do this? With events like our Hometown Heroes appreciation, Back to School Drives, and more. We love partnering up with service organizations in New York to help other people.

onondaga school of therapeutic massage community engagement

Our Most Recent Project

In November we worked with the Food Bank of Central New York to bring meals to people who needed them.

One in eight Americans struggle with providing food for themselves and their family members. The following statistics apply to the people in New York who need help providing food for themselves and their families:

  • 30% are under 18 years old.
  • 91% are under the federal poverty level.
  • 41% have less than $12,000 of annual income.

The Food Bank of Central New York

The Food Bank of Central New York provides more than 30,000 meals every day to these people in need. Talk about making a difference. At OSTM we saw an opportunity and wanted to be a part of the cause.

We decided to have a non-perishable food drive at our campuses and donate the food. Students and massage clients alike could donate to the cause. When all was said and done we gathered 461 pounds of food.

students at the food bank of central new york

Coming Together

There are a lot of reasons that we love being involved in community builders like this. One big one is that we get to see people come together to serve. We love linking arms with organizations like the Food Bank of Central New York. We also love seeing how eager and willing the public is to step up and help out! It’s a humbling experience for both staff members and students of OSTM. We believe it helps us be better professionals and members of society.

Keep in Touch

Are you asking yourself why you didn’t know about OSTM’s food drive? We want you to be in the loop on all of our future community engagement events. We want you to be able to join us in strengthening and serving. How can you do this? Follow us on Facebook. This is a great way to stay up to date on what events are going on and how you can be a part of the OSTM team. As a bonus, you’ll be in the loop on how you can get discounts on massages.

Ready to Join the Team

If you’re thinking about building a new career in massage, come visit us. We want to help you become part of the OSTM team where you can learn massage and help in the community. Join the OSTM family and start building your dream career today.


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