OSTM Students Give Back

At the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we believe that being a positive influence in our community is an important part of being successful. We often participate in charity events, and we even put on some of our own. Throughout the month of April, we helped gather food to donate to those in need. Here’s what OSTM students did to give back.

food drive haul

Who and Where?

OSTM gathered food donations to give to Foodlink (Rochester campus) and the Food Bank of Central New York (Syracuse campus). Not only did our students participate in this event, but we invited our clinic guests to join in on the fun. We offered our OSTM massage clients a discount on 50 minute and 100 minute massages with a non-perishable food donation!


The Rochester campus was able to collect 520 pounds of food which translated to OSTM Rochester donating $2,000 in discounts to our massage clients! The Syracuse campus donated 402 pounds of food which translated to OSTM Syracuse donating over $1,000 in discounts!

ostm students


We offered this event from April 1 to April 29th. While it is over now, you will still have a chance to participate in future events we hold! In September OSTM provides discounts to first responders and those in the medical field as our way of remembering September 11th and honoring those whose professional work it is to care for the welfare of others. This includes EMTs, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and other professionals. On Veteran’s Day, we offer free massages to vets! If you’d like to receive regular updates about our events and donation opportunities, email our offices managers: Syracuse – karen@ostm.edu, and Rochester – caitlin@oatm.edu.


We offer opportunities like this to our students and clinic clients because they love it. Not only do we get to give back to the communities we have so much love for, but we build pride in OSTM.

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