How We Create a Positive Culture at Onondaga and Why It’s Important to Us

When choosing a school, you should be looking at the culture they maintain on campus. A school’s culture are the things that are important and what the overall feeling is like at that school. At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we understand the importance of school culture. We know that it can make a difference in the quality of our students’ education.

Because culture can play such a big role in the way our students feel about their educational experience, we do what we can to build a positive one.
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Here’s some of the things we do at OSTM to build a culture of caring:

Time to Have Fun

What we do is a blast! We love to see our students and staff members have fun, joke around, and be themselves. We encourage our students and instructors to create a fun atmosphere. It’s an important ingredient in creating a culture where students can feel comfortable in their surroundings.

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Reach Out

At OSTM we make reaching out and helping others an integral piece of our culture. We strive to give our students ample opportunity to help and serve others not only in school but in the communities that our campuses are part of.

Why do we think that helping others is an important factor in school culture?

One reason is to help our students give back and to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. These things are important to us as a school and we want to pass that onto our students. We’ve noticed that when our students get a chance to help others, it almost always makes them more grateful and humble. It also gets them excited to continue being a source of positivity after they graduate.

Check out some our recent community engagement events:

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Encourage Others

Our instructors and staff members love seeing students thrive. The most rewarding part of being an OSTM instructor is getting to watch the transformation that students go through. Because of this desire to help you succeed, instructors will be some of your biggest fans as you go through your journey to a new career.

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OSTM instructors are not the only members of your support system as you go to school. Our students are also amazing. They go above and beyond in helping each other learn and grow. When you become an OSTM student, you join a family.

Want to see how strong the support is from staff, instructors, and other students is at OSTM? Book a tour and come see for yourself.

Find Balance

A balanced and healthy life are important to finding success. We do what we can to help our students learn how to create this kind of lifestyle. From flexible class schedules to continuing education workshops, we are dedicated to giving our students the tools they need to achieve their dreams without sacrificing other things that are important.

Choosing a Career in Massage

Becoming a massage therapist can lead to an exhilarating career and we’re ready to help you start building it. Contact us to get started. Our admissions representatives can answer your questions about what it takes to become a licensed massage therapist in New York.


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