Students of the Month: Jenn & Victoria

Meet Jennifer Hess, six month student and our Student of the Month of March! Jennifer’s passion for helping people extends beyond her journey toward becoming an LMT.

Meet Jenn Hess

Jennifer is a generous spirit, always lending her talents and resources to provide academic support to her classmates. Having started a career as a Nurse Practitioner, providing comfort and care to her classmates in times of need comes naturally to her. Her commitment to her studies, compassion and willingness to put others before herself earned her our Student of the Month. Upon graduating from OSTM, she hopes to work alongside her husband at Camillus Massage Therapy as a licensed therapist, hoping to incorporate her nursing background into their services.


Jenn chose OSTM because her husband and the massage therapists he hires graduated from our school. Each of those massage therapists have different massage styles, and Jenn was impressed with how they were able to make a career out of their passion. Each of the students spoke highly of OSTM, so Jenn decided to check it out. When she toured the school for the first time, she knew it was the right place for her!

What Jenn Loves About Massage

Jenn loves that instructors help her to develop a new skill set, but also help her to develop her own personal style of massage. Her education feels individualized, and at OSTM all of the students are encouraged and empowered to try new things. Jenn loves massage in particular because of the impact she is able to have on other people. Massage doesn’t just improve health, but it can help others in many other ways. She loves helping people have better lives!

Jenn’s Inspiration and Goals

Jenn’s biggest inspiration for pursuing massage therapy is her husband. She saw how passionate he is about helping others, and how much joy he feels when helping clients make progress. At first he started working alone in a small room, but now he has built a small business with soon-to-be four locations and 13 massage therapists. When she graduates from OSTM, Jenn wants to join her husband’s practice at Camillus Massage Therapy, and she plans on using her nursing background to bring a different element to her massage!

Life Without Massage

When asked what her life would be like if she didn’t start at OSTM, she said:

”If I wasn’t attending classes at OSTM, I would probably still be feeling like something was missing. I LOVE being a nurse, but I started to feel like there was more I could be doing to help my patients. I am so excited to be learning different ways to help improve their quality of life and I cannot wait to get started in my new career.”

Meet Victoria Salas

Victoria Salas is a 15-month evening student at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage’s Rochester campus. Victoria chose OSTM to complete her education and training after learning about its strong reputation in the community and its strong success rate with students passing the NYS licensure exam. Our students have a higher pass rate than the state average, with 98% of them passing on the first attempt!

Victoria works full-time as a teacher in the Rochester City School District working with students teaching English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). Victoria grew up in Puerto Rico and loves being able to utilize her bilingual skills to help students succeed.

Why Massage Therapy?

Victoria first started to consider a career in massage therapy a few years ago as she received a massage at least two times a month from her own massage therapist here in Rochester. OSTM’s evening program fit perfectly with her schedule so she can work full-time and attend classes here four nights a week.

Massage Career Goals

Victoria’s goal is to start her own massage business and offer affordable massage to educators. Victoria is inspired by her colleagues who give of themselves each day and wants to offer massage to help educators relax and avoid the burnout that is so common in education. She wants others in her community to experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of massage to reinvigorate them to take on the next day’s challenge and put their best foot forward.

Positive Energy

Victoria’s laughter and positivity is a contagious element that her classmates and instructors witness on a daily basis. Whether it is helping a fellow student get an extra peer study session before a myology midterm, or just being a being a sympathetic ear to let a classmate vent about the stress of life. These are just a few of the reasons why Victoria Salas is Rochester’s March student of the month. We love having her as part of the OSTM family!

Join OSTM Today!

If you’d like to meet Jenn, Victoria, or students like them for a massage, book an appointment with us! If massage therapy is something you want to explore as a career for yourself, reach out to us to schedule a tour of our school!


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