Student of the Month: Katy and Gabriela

Going to school to become a massage therapist requires hard work, ambition, and dedication. At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, there is no shortage of this. Our students display their great work ethic everyday. Because we have such amazing students, we like to highlight a few who have played a key role in making the atmosphere at OSTM what it is.

For this month, the students who stood out from the crowd are Katy Osborn from our Syracuse campus, and Gabriela Goff from our Rochester campus. Great job Gabby and Katy!

student of the month katy

Meet Katy Osborn

Katy is a relatively new addition to our 12 month program, but her ambition and determination set her apart immediately. She was chosen as a student of the month because of her kindness and display of servant leadership. She is always looking for opportunities to learn and help others.


Yoga, meditation, and living a balanced life are important to Katy. When asked what she wants to do after graduating from OSTM she said, “When I complete my year at OSTM, I hope to end up working with a chiropractor or physical therapist as a sports massage therapist. I am really interested in working with clients after an injury and helping them to get back to their sport, or to help athletes recover after a long race or difficult game. Ultimately, I hope to merge my love of yoga with massage. I might own my own business or learn shiatsu massage or just offer private yoga classes and massage services as I travel. I am really looking forward to exploring many different paths in front of me!”

Katy’s excitement and optimism about her future career is a great attribute. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

Meet Gabriela Goff

Gabriela, or Gabby, is an amazing student that has been a part of the OSTM family since January. A recent client left some feedback after an appointment with Gabby.

“I came in to your clinic today at the recommendation of a friend who receives massage weekly to help with arthritic pain. I was greeted by my Student Massage Therapist, Gabby, and was immediately put at ease. Gabby listened to what was going on in my life and the difficulties I was having with pain in my forearms and legs. I could sense nothing but positivity coming from Gabby who gave me my massage and checked in with me frequently to ensure I was comfortable and that the right amount of pressure for me was being used. Afterwards, she gave me some stretching exercises and had me speak with her Clinical Supervisor to recommend some additional things I could do to help with my own arthritis. 50 minutes on the massage table with Gabby and I felt better than I have ever felt with any medication my physician prescribed me. I made sure to rebook an appointment for next week with Gabby and wanted to thank her for just being the phenomenal person she is and the amazing therapist she will become when she graduates.”


Gabby’s positive attitude and willingness to go out of her way to make others, like this happy client, feel great are just a couple of the reasons she was selected. Her amazing attitude is contagious and makes OSTM a brighter place. Her stellar academic performance also stands as a testament to her great work ethic. Gabby serves as a great example for other students on how to succeed and help others succeed. Way to go Gabby!

Start Your Flexible Future

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