Student of the Month: Justin Rochniak

July’s student of the month at the Rochester campus is Justin Rochniak. Justin is one of our 15-month students enrolled in our evening program. Before finding massage therapy, Justin was stuck in a job where he felt unfulfilled. He always enjoyed working with his hands so after considering massage therapy for over a year, he scheduled a tour with our admissions team here at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage.

Meet Justin Rochniak

Justin says that he immediately felt at home after touring the school and loved the format of the evening program. The program allowed him to attend class four nights a week from 6:00pm-9:30pm. This gave Justin time to continue to work and support himself and his family, keep his personal commitments on the weekend, and have time to study.

Another feature that Justin liked about the evening program is that it allowed him to take two nights of science classes and two nights of hands-on massage classes.

“Having hands-on classes with my science classes allowed me as a hands-on learner to learn muscle groups and identify the structure and function of specific regions and systems of the human body.


Justin chose OSTM over other schools in the area because of the sole focus on massage.

“At other schools I went to there were students just going to college because they thought that’s what they were supposed to do. At OSTM, all the students there were studying the same thing as me, and we all wanted a new career in a profession we love.”

Justin was selected as student of the month for Rochester because of his positive attitude, solid attendance, and strong academics. When Justin graduates in December 2018 he hopes to start working for a more seasoned licensed massage therapist in a wellness center.

Goals After School

After a few years of experience Justin sees himself opening his own business and helping others with massage and bodywork. Justin believes that the opportunities in massage therapy are endless:

“I have friends who graduated the class before me who are working in hospitals with cancer and hospice patients, others are working in schools with students with sensory and attention deficits, others are working in high-end salons and spas, and others are working in rehabilitation centers, physical therapy, chiropractic offices, and other health care settings”.

Justin wants to combine those endless options with his own business to create a unique opportunity to help others with massage and bodywork.

Always Something New

Justin loves that there is always something to learn with massage therapy. If you get tired of one thing, you can try something new!

“One of the best things about massage is that if you get bored with one setting or modality, there are so many other possibilities and settings to experience.”

Justin’s outlook on life and his positivity is just one way that he makes Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage great!

Join the OSTM Family!

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