Students of the Month: Chiedu and Naomi

The road to becoming a massage therapist is unique to other educational experiences. At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, school can take anywhere from 6 to 15 months. Students have the flexibility to finish school in a time frame that works for them and they can choose to take classes day or night. During this time, students are taught a myriad of techniques, modalities, processes, and much more.

There’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time, even if you choose the 15 month graduation track. We like to highlight students who show that if you have a passion for learning and helping others, you can learn and master the material! For the month of September we chose to highlight Chiedu from our Rochester campus and Naomi from our Syracuse campus.

Chiedu Monu

Meet Chiedu Monu

Chiedu wanted a career that would give him the satisfaction of helping people every day and the ability to create his own work schedule. How did Chiedu know that he could have these things as a massage therapist? He saw his wife, who is a practicing massage therapist, enjoy scheduling flexibility and the reward of helping others and he wanted that for himself. Chiedu began pursuing his dream at Onondaga in September 2016 and will be graduating in December 2017. Chiedu brings a big smile, positive attitude, and good work ethic to school with him every day. Everyone who works with or around Chiedu ends up having a better day as a result and that’s the kind of student we love to have around!

Big Plans

Chiedu’s wife is already running her own massage therapy business and when Chiedu graduates, he plans to add his expertise to the operation and help grow their business. We asked Chiedu to tell us about one thing he would like to accomplish when he starts working with his wife and this is what he said: “I would like to educate the general public on the health benefits of massage. There really isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from regular massage treatments, especially if they want to be the best version of themselves. Massage Therapy was once looked at as a luxury experience, however, I believe it’s a necessity in today’s busy and hectic day and age.”

That’s a great goal, Chiedu! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish when you graduate and start working as a massage therapist. We have no doubt that you will do great things.

naomi plyter

Meet Naomi Plyter

Naomi has been described as diligent and conscientious by her instructors and peers. She has excelled in her studies and has received amazing feedback from her clients in the Student Massage Clinic. Naomi is authentic and compassionate and shows it by lifting other students up and helping them overcome their roadblocks. We love having students like Naomi because they make the environment positive and help everyone achieve greater balance. Thanks Naomi!


Naomi’s compassion also shows in what she wants to do as a massage therapist. When we asked her about what she plans to do when she graduates Naomi said, “The experience that I’ve had at OSTM has opened up different ideas of what I would like to pursue in massage. I initially came to the school set on working with pregnant women and infants/young children only, but as I continue through the courses, the goal has changed slightly. I would still like work with pediatrics, but also with those that are going through PTSD. I’m not yet certain where this will take me or how many more turns I’ll need to make before finding my niche. Knowing this, I am excited at the opportunities that I have now that I wouldn’t have had without learning from all the different instructors, the perspectives of my classmates, and clinic experience.”

Naomi is all about helping and serving others and that will help her become a great massage therapist. Way to go Naomi!

Build a New Career

If you’re interested in a career that is flexible and rewarding, contact us! We can help you begin your journey to becoming a massage therapist. You can follow the examples of Naomi and Chiedu and start a career helping others. Schedule a tour today and you can see what it’s like to be a student at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. We can’t wait to see you!


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