Students of the Month: Lakieta and Essence

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we see students come and go. We love watching them grow and develop as professionals and people while they are here. It’s amazing to watch them channel their excitement and passion for massage to become experts. Each of our students has a unique path that led them to a career in massage. No matter the path that led them here, we’re glad to have them at OSTM. We think that our students are some of the most incredible individuals and students out there. They astound us on a daily basis!

Because we have such high-caliber students here, we like to select one from each campus to highlight every month. These are our students of the month. They are the students who progress quickly and bring their peers along with them. This month the students we chose to highlight are Lakieta Smith from our Syracuse campus and Essence Brooks from our Rochester campus.
ostm students of the month

Lakieta Smith

We love having Lakieta at OSTM! She works hard and takes the time to learn and understand as much as possible. She has an awesome attitude and even approaches challenges with a smile on her face. We think this is one of the most important characteristics our students can have. When a student brings a great attitude like this to school, it rubs off on other people. It’s contagious!

Healing Hands

Lakieta is a woman of many talents. She used to work as a DJ in Buffalo, New York. That’s a pretty big career change. When asked what led her to choose massage therapy as a new career she said, “The world needs more healers.” Lakieta is also a mother and she told us that parenthood also played a role in her choice when she said, “I dedicate my life to my daughter and she has brought out a true nurturing side of me I never knew I had. Along with that came more of a drive to continue on finding my greater purpose in the universe.”

We’re so glad these things led you to OSTM, Lakieta. You have been amazing to have around. We will miss you when you graduate!
essence brooks standing in front of onondaga school of therapeutic massage sign

Essence Brooks

Essence is one of our 15-month students at our Rochester campus. She started in October 2017 and immediately struck us as an outstanding student. Essence’s instructors describe her as being open minded, upbeat, and always willing to help others. This willingness makes having Essence in class an absolute pleasure. It also makes Essence very teachable which is one of the reasons she has excelled so quickly during her time in school.


For Essence, it was the career possibilities and flexibility that drew her in. She was excited about how many different paths a massage therapist can take. She also loved that many massage therapists choose to be self-employed and that she could pursue that opportunity herself. Essence is always asking her instructors and classmates questions and spends a lot of time in OSTM’s free tutoring program to improve. With this display of hard work, we have no doubt that Essence will be able to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to! We’re excited to see what she does after graduating.

Follow in Their Footsteps

Are you ready to start building a career as a massage therapist? You can become the next student of the month like Essence and Lakieta. Contact us to learn more about what it takes to become a licensed massage therapist. We can help you get started on the road to a career you can love!


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