Students of The Month: Christie & Gina

Meet Christie Brown

Meet Christie Brown! Christie is a student in our 6 month accelerated program. She is a student who has shown great resolve since she started in July and always comes to school with a smile on her face, even on test days!

Christie is currently Pizza Team Leader at Wegmans, where she has worked for some time. In spite of her current occupation, she has always been interested in health and holistic medicine. Health and wellness are true passions of hers, and she has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.

Learning Massage

Christie chose OSTM because it was recommended to her by a good friend of hers that is a massage therapist and a graduate from our Syracuse Campus! She loves everything about massage therapy, and she especially enjoys the focus on the mind and body connection, which she feels is very important.

Her favorite part of the massage industry is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a client or a massage therapist, you can find your niche! Christie is inspired by others who live and breathe what they believe in – people with a passion for life.

Life After School

With how many options there are out there, Christie has said she is not yet sure if she wants to focus on a specific group or modality when she gets her license. She does know that she wants to continue to learn all that she can about massage therapy and grow her skills so that she can help as many people as she possibly can.

“If I didn’t start this program, I think I wouldn’t be as fulfilled as I am now. Before starting, I felt directionless and segmented, but I feel as though this program is helping me piece who I am and who I want to be together.”

That drive to help other people and that sense of purpose is only a part of why Christie has earned student of the month!

Meet Gina Mattice

From an early age, Gina Mattice knew she wanted a job where she could help others. When looking into career options in the healthcare field, she considered nursing. After learning more about it, she felt a career in nursing wouldn’t allow her the one-on-one relationship she desired when working with others. It wasn’t until Gina accepted a position as a receptionist in a massage spa that she started to consider massage therapy.

Gina’s School Experience

Gina researched her options for completing her education in massage therapy, and chose the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Rochester, NY.  Gina was drawn to the school’s small class size and to being around a group of like-minded classmates who were all working together. Gina also loves that OSTM offers a 15-month program that allows her some flexibility in her schedule. This gives her the time to complete her studies while still working a full-time job to support herself.

Goals After School

Gina took the first step to fulfilling her dream of becoming a licensed massage therapist in October 2017, and is scheduled to graduate this coming December. Gina credits her instructors for challenging her to believe in herself and not give up when there were bumps in the road. When Gina graduates this December, she sees herself working in a franchise spa environment, and eventually would like to start her own business. She wants to provide more medically-based massage to oncology and palliative care patients.

Why Gina Loves OSTM

Gina is a strong student academically, and when asked what her favorite class has been so far, she replied:

“I think every class I have taken at OSTM has been a building block for  my foundation as a massage therapist, but if I had to choose it would be Student Clinic. I love using all the skills I have learned in all my classes and putting the knowledge I have learned into practice working on the public. I love seeing my clients rebook and come back week after week to feel better in their daily lives.”

We believe this passion for other people is just one of the many reasons that Gina is an excellent student, and will also be an incredible massage therapist!

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