Students of The Month: Jamie Brittany

Meet Jamie Minguez

Jamie Minguez is the September student of the month for the Rochester Campus. Jamie was nominated for her incredible passion for helping other people and her diligent work ethic! She is in the 12-month massage therapy program and on track to graduate this coming December. She plans to work in a more medical-based practice, but is still exploring her options for employment. Jamie currently works as a histologist for a local medical center, and has always had a love for science and enjoys working with people.

Why Massage Therapy

Like many other people who work in healthcare, Jamie liked her job but wanted a more personal connection with her clients and patients. She had been considering a career in massage for several years, but as the mother of 4 small children, the time never felt right. In January 2018, Jamie took the leap and started in our 12-month program. This time allowed Jamie to work on her education and training part-time in the mornings while still being able balance work and family commitments between her classes. Nine months later, Jamie has become a confident and knowledgeable student massage therapist!

Life at OSTM

When asked what her favorite class is, she responded:

“I think my favorite class is the Student Public Clinic because it allows me to meet new people, use the techniques and knowledge I have learned in the program, and apply it to address the concerns my clients have when they come in for a massage.”

Jamie also joined the school’s peer tutoring program where she supports other students who may find the science curriculum challenging. Jamie’s dedication to her education and future career can best be summed up by feedback she received from a client in public clinic:

“I re-booked my next massage appointment with Jamie because I have been getting massages for over 10 years and hers is by far the best I have ever received. You can tell by the expression on her face that she loves what she is doing. I mentioned to her that I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome on my first visit. When I returned, she not only remembered me, but also remembered my condition and showed research she had done on massage techniques I could receive to help with my condition. She also went above and beyond my expectations and recommended some stretching exercises to try to help! Her technique, attention to detail, and her fluid and rhythmical flow is truly top-notch. This was better than massages I paid over $200 for at a resort by a seasoned massage therapist.”

Jamie’s passion for helping other people and her attention to individual needs and concerns are inspiring to us! These are just some of the reasons that Jamie Minguez was selected as OSTM’s student of the month for September.

Meet Brittany Marsh

Brittany Marsh is a 12-month massage therapy student at the Syracuse campus who is only a few months away from graduating! Brittany was nominated for student of the month due to her amazing sense of professionalism, kindness, and for truly being a role model for everyone she comes in contact with. Brittany not only excels academically, she also consistently receives great feedback from her clients in massage clinic who regularly rebook with her. She brings a sense of calm to all who meet her or receive a massage from her.

Life Before Massage

Before finding her interest in massage, Brittany went into the world as an esthetician. She currently works as an esthetician at Elan Therapeutic Massage, in addition to working as a bartender and server at a local restaurant. Massage therapy is something she thought about pursuing for a long time. She loves helping people and has a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others!

The OSTM Experience

Brittany took the plunge and decided to tour Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, and after visiting the school for the first time, she felt very welcome. She knows several alumni from the school who have had nothing but good things to say about the program. Since joining the OSTM family, Brittany has experienced an overwhelming feeling of happiness in knowing that she made the right decision to go to massage school. She loves each massage she performs because she knows that she helped someone feel better.

Life After School

Brittany’s favorite part of the massage industry is the amount of different routes and continuing education classes she can take. After graduation, her goal is to put herself out there to gain as many new massage clients as possible. She also wants to start taking continuing education classes right away to keep expanding her knowledge in different areas. Brittany’s long term goal is to have a thriving business with clients who have faith in her to help them become their best selves. We asked her what she thinks her life would be like without massage therapy, and she told us:

”If I never came to school here I would probably feel lost about my future. I would be wondering what my passion is and how to find it. I’m happy that’s not the case because I did choose to come to OSTM, and I did find my passion, and I am so excited and eager to start this next chapter!”

That passion and drive to help others is a large part of why Brittany is our student of the month at the Syracuse campus!

Join The OSTM Family

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