Students of the Month: Teajay & Zeriah

Thomas J. Giacchino is this month’s student of the month for the Rochester campus. Thomas, or “Teajay” as he likes to be called, has been interested in massage therapy for the last few years. He started on his path to becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2017 at a local community college.

Meet Teajay Giacchino

He felt lost in the masses at the larger community college and eventually withdrew from the school. He started working at a local renaissance fair as a vendor, but his desire to help others through massage was still strong.

Finding OSTM

Teajay took a leap of faith and scheduled a tour at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage’s Rochester campus in December 2017. He said:

“I was instantly drawn to the positive energy of the campus. The students I met with loved their classes, instructors, and staff. I loved that the campus was part of Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts and there were restaurants, shops, spas, art galleries, and studios all within a block of the school’s campus.”


Teajay, decided to enroll in our six month full-time program starting in January 2018 and after five months he’s now sure he made the right decision!

“I love that unlike my previous school, everyone here at Onondaga is studying the same thing. We are all working towards becoming massage therapists. I also liked the smaller class sizes.”

Life as a Massage Therapist

On June 8th 2018, Teajay will graduate and begin his journey as a licensed massage therapist. Teajay states his goals as a professional licensed therapist are to create his own practice that encompass all of his skills and knowledge in emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

“I have a feeling that obtaining the license will only be the first door that will lead to more growth as a person and as a professional.”

Teajay is a strong academic student and is strong in his techniques as a massage therapist. A recent client that saw Teajay in our public massage clinic recently shared some feedback with the school regarding their last massage with Teajay. They said:

“I usually have a massage every other month as I experience lower back pain. I came in for my first massage with Teajay and was blown away by his knowledge of the body. Not only did I get a great massage, but Teajay was able to tell me what specific muscle groups he was working and why. After the massage Teajay met with me and discussed some stretching exercises to help me improve my mobility and flexibility. This was hands down one of the best massages I have had and I plan to start coming in for a massage every other week now with Teajay.” – William R. Webster, NY

Being nominated for student of the month by his instructors means the world to Teajay.

“I feel that for the first time in my life I am doing what I was meant to do.”

We’re thrilled that Teajay has found what he is passionate about doing, and we can’t wait to see what he does after graduation!

Meet Zeriah Turner

Zeriah Turner is this month’s student of the month for our Syracuse campus. She is in our 15 month evening program. Zeriah is a bright, cheerful individual who loves to make people smile and is best known for her random acts of comedy. She often arrives to class in fun outfits be it her work uniform or dressed in a lizard onesie!


Zeriah originally toured with OSTM in June of 2017 and started classes that fall in our 15 month evening program. Before joining us at OSTM, Zeriah studied business and accounting at a local community college. She realized she wanted a career with more flexibility and the opportunity to work on her own terms. As a busy woman working two jobs while attending school, Zeriah has ambitious goals for when she becomes a licensed massage therapist.

Goals After School

Zeriah has big dreams for her life when she graduates from OSTM. She is motivated to make money and help support her family and passions. She plans on opening a massage therapy practice out of her home as soon as she graduates from OSTM. We know she’ll do great!

Join the OSTM Family

If you are ready to change lives, start by changing yours by scheduling your personal tour of our campus. You can meet with our admissions director to learn more about OSTM’s four flexible day and evening program options to become a massage therapist in six months, 12 months, or 15 months. Contact us or schedule a tour to get started today!


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