Why You Need a Summer Massage

Summertime makes you sore! It’s a fact. When the temperatures rise, you become more active. Sometimes the heat can steal all your energy and leave you feeling tired and groggy. Here are some ways that summer is beating you up and how to combat it:

Summertime Fun…and Soreness

Golf, yard work, swimming, and all the other activities that come with summertime take a toll on your muscles that have likely been dormant for most of winter. With all of the increased activity, your muscles get sore and tender. Getting a massage can help relax your muscles and keep you comfortable. With regular massage, you can stay active and keep doing the summer activities that you love.

golfer with sore back

Why Summer Makes You Swell

Heat can cause some problems other than soreness from increased activity. It can make you swell, especially in your feet, legs, arms, and hands. Edema is the term used to describe this. It’s when your body retains more fluid and starts to swell. A common reason for this is due to your lymph nodes not functioning properly or at 100%. Can a massage help with this? Yes. There are massage techniques that target your lymph nodes to help increase the flow and help excess fluids drain. This can also help with that nagging fatigue that you feel on some summer days. Getting a massage can really make a difference.

Where Can I Get a Summer Massage?

Conveniently, massage therapists can be found much more easily than in years past. The massage therapy industry is growing and an increasing number of people are choosing it as a career. This means you can usually arrange to get a massage at a spa, at your hotel, on a cruise ship, or a number of other places. We recommend trying out our massage clinic at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM). Here you can experience both the benefits of massage and what it’s like to learn to become a massage therapist. You can get a little glimpse behind the scenes of massage therapy and see if it’s something you’re interested in as a career.

What to Expect

One of the biggest barriers that keeps people from reaping the benefits of massage is the fact that they simply don’t know what to expect. Most people feel uncomfortable going into something for the very first time. You don’t have to worry. At OSTM, we strive to take care of our clients and make them feel comfortable. When you show up for your appointment, the massage therapist will walk you through everything and do what they can to make sure you have an amazing experience.

Becoming a Massage Therapist

Does massage therapy sound interesting to you? Do you want to learn more about it? Becoming a massage therapist can lead to a rewarding and exciting career! There are a lot of opportunities in the industry. It is growing much faster than most other industries and more therapists are needed. If you enjoy helping others and care about health and well being, massage therapy could be the perfect fit.

massage therapist working on feet

If you want to get a massage to keep your summer alive, make an appointment at our massage clinic. If you want to learn more about becoming a massage therapist, contact us or book a tour of our campus! We can help you get started on working toward a new career.


We Are Here To Answer Your Questions!

Our campus is open during COVID. We’re scheduling virtual and on campus tours to answer any questions you may have, and to help you learn about your potential future in massage therapy. Please complete a request for information, or give us a call to learn more.