7 Reasons Massage Therapy Is Growing

Breaking News: the massage therapy industry is growing. In fact, it is growing much faster than average at 22%. This is great news for anyone who thinks massage therapy may be a good career choice! Here’s a few reasons that might explain why this industry is exploding right now:
stressed out woman massaging shoulder

  1. More Stress

  2. The extremely competitive environment that we live in today can be stressful. All the stress you experience on a daily basis can start to build up. Massage therapy is a one way that the modern people are dealing with the high stress world we live in.

  3. Focus on Holistic Health

  4. People are starting to be more conscious of their overall health. As part of this, there is the realization that living a balanced life is a huge ingredient in getting and maintaining good health. Regularly having massages can have a dramatic effect on balance and health.

    woman getting massage

  5. More Awareness

  6. More and more people are becoming aware of massage therapy. They are learning about where you can get a massage, what the benefits are, and are more willing to take the time to get a massage. Many people make it something they do on a regular basis after they experience it for the first time.

  7. Where to Find a Massage Therapist

  8. Massage therapists are becoming much more accessible. There are a lot of places you can get a massage now days. Some companies will even have an in-house massage therapist. That’s how accessible it is becoming.

    massage therapist working

  9. Changing Demographics

  10. The demographics of the public at large in the U.S. is aging overall. There are a lot of people who are more mature in years and the number keeps growing, and with age comes aches and pains. Massage therapy is a fantastic way to find relief from these aches and pains without having to rely so heavily on medicine with negative side effects.

  11. Cutting Costs

  12. Going to the doctor or a hospital can be a really expensive visit, and no one wants to go in the first place. As the benefits of massage therapy become more widely known, people are taking advantage of it. It is becoming seen as a good way to invest in your health and keep your healthcare costs down in the long run.

    female massage therapist working

  13. Massage Therapy Advancements

  14. The practice and techniques of massage therapy are getting better with time. Therapists are becoming more familiar with what techniques to use in specific situations and they are able to be much more targeted and effective when treating clients. Because of the expansion and increased knowledge that has come with time, massage therapists are now able to help people solve many more pains and problems. Now people are going to massage therapists for more reasons.

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