Where Can I Work as a Massage Therapist?

One of our favorite parts of the journey to becoming a massage therapist is touring the school. It’s a wonderful experience to watch their faces light up, and the joy spread over their features as they realize they are one step closer to their dreams.

During the tour those exploring massage therapy are encouraged to ask questions. One of the questions we seem to get on the most is: Where can I work as massage therapist?
If this question has crossed your mind as well, you are not alone.

    1. Club Spas

      Comforting music, lemon water, and a relaxing atmosphere. These may draw you back to what you relate to “spa”, here however they come aligned with monthly club fees and a client base that always seems to be booming. Whether you simply want to gain more experience before you open your private practice, or sink in deep and find a home, this is a great option.

    2. Boutique or Themed Spas


      Japanese Style Spa

      Interested in working in a Japanese style bath house or perhaps a holistic based healing center? While they may seem kitschy and odd to some, the business of specialized centers is booming. If you have an interest in a boutique philosophy or would like to learn about different cultures and techniques, this might be a great place to expand your knowledge.

    3. Physical Therapy, Rehab and Hospitals

      work in sport massageWhile a wide array of massage-based jobs take place in spas and dripping luxury, none are more important than those that reside within physical therapy and rehab. From recovery from strokes to car accidents, to sports therapy and prevention, these massage therapists help get people back on their feet. If you want to use your skills to help others heal, quite literally, this path was meant for you.

    4. Cruise Ships

      work on a cruise ship Don’t get seasick? Good. This exciting opportunity can, quite literally, take you all around the world. People take cruises to relax and get away from life for a little while, and the best way to relax is a massage – they are obviously going to need someone to help with that. If you aren’t scared of sharks, and want to see the world while doing what you love most, consider this possibility.

    5. High End Resorts

      Whether they be country clubs, or some of the top getaway resorts in the world, they all need massage therapists. If you pride yourself on the perfection of your skill and are ready to work among the elite, or are willing to work to get there, this could be the option for you.

    6. Self Employed or Private Practice

      If working hours at a spa isn’t for you, or if you’ve been doing it so long you have already built an extensive clientele, working for yourself or opening or your own practice might be right up your alley. Additionally, if you are just starting out and need help building that budding list then smartphone apps like Soothe and Zeel can help you do that.

These are just some of the places that you may be able to find employment as a massage therapist. If any of these sound like a dream come true to you and if you would like to find out more about YOUR possibilities in the massage profession, then simply call us now to speak with a friendly and helpful Admissions Guide, contact us today.


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