Student of the Month: James Frier

James Frier is the student of the month for the Syracuse campus, and was nominated for his positive, upbeat attitude. He is extremely hard-working and it shows in everything he does! He even has perfect attendance, and all of these things together are why we felt he earned student of the month for October. Students like James are why we love training massage therapists.

Why Massage Therapy

James currently works as a bartender to pay his way through school, but he always wanted to do something different with his life. Contributing to society is important to him, and he always had an interest in health and wellness. James injured his back while competing in MMA, so he started getting massage therapy treatments to help him recover. He was blown away by how helpful and healing massage therapy was for him. After that he decided he wanted to learn massage therapy for his career!

Why Choose OSTM

James was initially drawn to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM) because of the way the campus made him feel. He describes his tour experience like this:

“When I toured OSTM I knew it was right for me. I was impressed by all the programs OSTM offers to set their students up for success, and I got positive vibes from all of the staff.”

OSTM strives to provide learning and practice opportunities for students, and that’s one of the things that James identified that told him that he would be a great fit at the school. The positive vibes he also felt just come from working in a place we want to work in!

A Future in Massage Therapy

When asked what his favorite part of massage therapy is, James answered that he loves having a valuable skill set that can improve the life and health of others. Being able to help others feel better and heal faster is a huge motivator for many massage students. For James, he loves having massage skills because he is inspired by people who are passionate about bettering mankind, and he feels that massage can help him make a similar difference.

James sees himself eventually becoming a businessman. He wants to own a business at some point, but he hasn’t decided on a specific area or modality he would like to focus on. Regardless of what he chooses, he says he wants to continue to learn and grow no matter where his career leads him. That attitude of always wanting to learn is a large part of why he was selected as our student of the month!

Join The OSTM Family

Are you looking to make a change in your own life? Massage therapy can be a great opportunity for you to find yourself and a career that you love! Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage offers massage therapy courses at both our Syracuse and Rochester campuses. Schedule a tour to learn more about what OSTM can do for you!


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