August 17, 2018 ~ Metro Salon 777 Seeking LMT’s

Metro Salon 777, an established salon with a 14 year track record, has just moved into a bigger space (it’s beautiful!) and we are looking to grow both our team and our mission of going beyond hair. We are looking for ANOTHER professional, friendly, thoughtful, responsible LMT to add to our team; one with a passion for a holistic, intuitive and all-natural approach to massage, healing and wellness. Expertise in lymphatic massage and having an established clientele are both pluses. Commission payment or a renting structure. Candidates must be licensed in NYS.
NOTE: our website is currently getting revamped, so to get more of a feel for who we are, please visit Facebook and/or Instagram at Metro Salon 777.

NEW! Body Massage department!
NEW! Infrared Sauna Treatments! Google the benefits…and give it a try!

ATTENTION: METRO SALON has moved to 1255 University Ave.

Metro Salon 777
1255 University Ave. C116A
Rochester, NY 14607
FACEBOOK=Metro Salon 777
Metro Salon 777 instagram


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