August 6, 2019 ~ Massage Envy Looking for Lead Therapist

Lead Therapist Responsibilities

License, Registration and Insurance Compliance

• In conjunction with the General Manager, responsible for monitoring expirations of all LMT licenses, registration and insurance to ensure all employees are current. Address any expirations via DE001 report run monthly and collect, copy and file updated information. If the employee has failed to comply with the updating of the required documents, immediately remove the employee from the schedule until required documents are properly updated, are current and filed.

Clinic Flow & Culture
• Uphold a positive attitude and encouraging leadership style.
• Understand the general vibe and attitude of the therapist culture to determine opportunities for
positive change.
• Maintain availability for therapists to e-mail and schedule meetings with you.
• Ensure consistency not only in policy but in clinic specific initiatives announced at team
meetings or in team focus groups. Examples:
* Uniformity in table making and room cleanliness so the front staff can tour the rooms with
* Therapists guiding prospects to the front at the end of their session and handing them off to a
wellness consultant.
* Therapist preparing wellness plans for their prospects.
* SOAP notes written to an acceptable standard.

• Weekly meeting with general manager to discuss employees, clinic initiatives, ideas, culture
• Attend and participate in quarterly lead therapist conference call. Agenda and post-meeting
notes compiled by call host and sent to ownership.
• Attend local FSC conferences.
• Meet with General Manager annually to discuss personal goals.

• Coach therapists who need help with optimizing their daily performance in the clinic. This can
include patterns seen in client surveys, or growth opportunities stated in the therapist’s annual
review with the general manager.
• Immediately speak to or schedule to meet with therapists who violate policies. Document the
meeting and discuss with the General Manager in weekly meeting & communicate with HR as appropriate.
• Write monthly newsletter announcing sales deals for clients, above and beyond winners,
company events, team meetings, contests, etc.
• Write monthly “Team Focus” email to therapists. This is a team goal or a focus for
improvement decided in a management meeting.

Continuing Education / Modalities
• Hand out modality survey to therapists every 6 months. Update modality chart.
• Coordinate with the front staff to determine if there is a need for new modalities based on what
clients are asking for.
• Find affordable continuing education classes (especially for modalities that clients may be
asking for but there are no therapists who can provide).
• Announce continuing education classes to the team and take any interested therapists
through the class as a group. Encourage therapists to practice the advanced modalities on
each other and fill out an advanced modality feedback form.
• Encourage learning by posting relevant massage research, helpful articles, or continuing
education classes in the break room.
• Provide an open line of communication with all GMs & Lead LMTs about Save Your Hands
and CEU training.
• Take therapists through hot stone certification process and ensure all necessary forms are
handed in.

Front Staff Training
• Provide modality training to new wellness consultants. Include some hands on work so they
understand the feel of various modalities. This training includes an overview of the modality
chart and general massage terminology.
• Post modality note-cards at the front desk as a resource for new wellness consultants.
Annual Training
• Post any announcements such as required training due dates on the announcement board.
• Annual draping hands-on training with therapists.
• Assist the General Manager in the collection of certificates.

Room Maintenance and Supplies
• Place room maintenance forms in the break room.
• Post new opening/closing check-list in the break room every 2 weeks. These check-lists
encourage consistency and daily equipment checks.
• Fix any table/room issues reported by therapists during their daily room checks.
• Bi-Annual check of massage rooms including tables and stools.
• Weekly communication with Operations Manager about any LMT specific inventory.
• Hand out lotion survey to therapists every 6 months. Communicate results to GM.

New Hires
• Sit in on new therapist interviews.
• Provide 2 hour training to new-hire therapists using the training guideline sheet.
• Provide 30 day check-in meeting with new therapists to see how they are doing and give tips.
• Update modality chart with new therapist information.


if interested, please contact:

Alisha Banks, LMT


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