CNY Dental Arts – Dentistry Differently~April 24th, 2019

I have a room available in my dental practice that I would like to turn into a massage room. I am looking for a recent or not so recent licensed massage therapist to occupy and make use of this room.


My practice is located in the Madison Irving medical center in the main lobby with very high walk-through traffic. Hospitals within a 1 mile radius are Upstate, Crouse, and St. Joe’s. Crouse surgery center is located on the top floor of the building.


I am looking for a self-starter that is looking to start their own business. I am willing to offer the space rent-free in exchange for the candidate performing 5-10 minute neck, shoulder, arm, hand, feet massages as needed/requested for my dental patients. (My patients would receive this at no cost.) A reasonable schedule would of course be agreed upon that would be win-win for both parties. Any private clients they work on, I would request to be paid 20% of their total charges to cover my overhead costs and risk I am incurring in this relationship. So if their client pays them $100, I would be paid $20 out of that $100 massage service.


I am ultimately looking for a win-win relationship as well as a better way to serve my dental patients.


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