June 19, 2019~Massage Envy is Seeking Lead Therapist

Lead Therapist Position Opening at Greece and Webster Locations

-perform Massage Therapist job duties while providing customized therapeutic massage.
-To model exceptional customer service skills for the entire clinic staff to emulate.
-To set the tone and culture for the massage therapist team and to be responsible for maintaining a positive work environment by fielding massage therapist’s complaints and facilitating solution oriented discussions.
-To conduct evaluations of massage therapists and facilitate training’s to improve massage therapists professional skill set.
– Ensure member satisfaction and enforce superior service with staff.
-To mentor massage therapists in a respectful and honest manner effectively communicating and helping to create “habits of success”.
-May participate in conducting interviews, writing incident reports, discipline, and/or the hiring or termination process .
-To facilitate and encourage communication between the massage therapists and the front staff.
-Display willingness to make decisions. Understand business implications of decisions; include appropriate people in the decision making process.
-May attend chapter meetings of massage therapy associations and/or massage therapist recruiting events.
-May be involved in creating incentive programs for massage therapists.
-Ability to train new LMT’s in Massage Envy protocols, Millennium, diaper draping, enhanced therapies, client notes, etc.
-Collaborates with co-lead therapist on initiatives such as trainings, scheduled meetings, discussions
Uphold the organizational values and mission.
Follow policies and procedures and assist management in ensuring others do as well. Surface issues as necessary
Promote retail sales.
-Reports to the Clinic Administrator

Job requirements:

-The Lead Massage Therapist must adhere to local and state massage therapy and massage therapist licensing laws and regulations.
-The Lead Massage Therapist must carry personal liability insurance.
-The Lead Massage Therapist must successfully complete the pre-employment screening process
-The Lead Massage Therapist must have completed a minimum of 1000 hours of education.
-The Lead Massage Therapist must understand and believe in the healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork.
-Suggested college degree or management experience equivalent
-Superior communication skills
-The Lead Massage Therapist may need to successfully complete a management training program.
-Recommended prior experience: minimum of 6 months as a Massage Envy therapist


-Exceptional massage therapy skills
-Ability to identify areas for technical improvement for massage therapists
-Ability to train and mentor
-Effective communication and listening skills
-Problem solving
-Interpersonal relationship skills
-Emotional intelligence
-Excellent customer service skills
-Flexibility and adaptability

-Passion and enthusiasm
-Honesty and integrity
-High standards
-Highly professional

Reasonable accommodations may be made to individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions and or meet the physical demands.

If interested in the position please contact:

Jason Ksczanowicz

Massage Envy Owner of Rochester and Syracuse



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