A Time to Heal Massage ~July 26th, 2017

Rachel James, an LMT for four years and moved back to my hometown a year ago to open my own practice. It grew quickly and I am finding myself inundated with clients and could use an independent contractor to help out. I’m thinking a 70/30 split (I would take 30% to start, to be reviewed at six months) or half the monthly expenses, whichever is more (again, to be reviewed at six months for fairness), and would be working when I’m not. you can, of course, set your own hours, provided they do not interfere with my own. I’m really hoping for someone who can work at least one weekend day, again, you could set your own hours, but there is a whole population of city weekenders whom I cannot accommodate, and who would love to have access to massage.
I know the state boards are next month and many will be in search of a place to work. I can provide mentoring, marketing advice (I have a degree in that, as well), trade opportunities, and supervision for a pending license. I am located on the main fare of Walton, NY, a small town with a hospital, mental health center, and physical therapy clinic; a large population of part time city inhabitants who summer and weekend here, aging people with either chronic pain, surgery rehab, or a desire to remain healthy, and a growing wellness-minded population with the popularity of two personal trainers starting fitness classes last year. I am also a Doula and enjoy working with prenatal clients, athletes, and pain management. The crux of my business is injury rehabilitation and maintenance.
There is a front reception area and double doors that lead back to the massage room. The bathroom is accessed beyond there. There is plenty of parking available. If anyone is interested, or would like more information about the area in general, they can call/text me at 607-353-5238 or email me at atimetohealmt@gmail.com. My business website is atimetohealmassage.massagetherapy.com and I am located at 180 Delaware Street in Walton, NY.

If interested in this position please contact
Rachel L. James, LMT