Where Can a Massage Therapist Work

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career as a massage therapist? From being able to help people feel better and relax to knowing a variety of healing techniques, there are so many amazing benefits that can come from working in this industry! One of the advantages we love about becoming a massage therapist is having the freedom to personalize your career to match your unique goals. An example of this would be deciding what type of work setting you want to work in!

With so many people relying on massage therapists and the job outlook expected to rise, it’s no surprise that a licensed professional can choose multiple workplaces where they can expand their skills. Looking to learn more about the options that could be available for you? We go through some of the most common places you can find a massage therapist helping others!


This is probably what you first think of when imagining where a massage therapist works. Everyone knows that massages are a great way to relax and feel rejuvenated. That’s why no spa visit would be complete without a massage! Massages can even be the most important part of your spa visit because they benefit you beyond just helping you feel relaxed in the moment. Advantages like improved circulation and flexibility, reduced stress and fatigue, and enhanced immunity are just some of the extra health benefits you could give clients while pampering them in a spa!

clients in a spa clinic

Massage Clinics

Did you know there are multiple types of different massages? Since massage therapy not only helps people feel relaxed but also provides relief for all kinds of health issues, there are different massage types that can benefit people with a variety of problems. With so many types of massages you can specialize in, it’s no surprise that there are clinics focused on providing clients with the specific massage they need. Massage clinics are a great career option for anyone who is interested in learning about multiple techniques and how to help each client with what they need.

Healthcare Facilities

As we said, massage therapy goes a long way in helping clients with health issues, including mental and chronic ones. If you’re more interested in this side of massage, then working in a healthcare facility could be the perfect option for you! Even in this branch of massage places you can work, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from! Some healthcare facilities you could work in as a licensed massage therapist are:

  • Hospitals
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Retirement centers

Athletic Settings

It’s no secret that athletes push their bodies to incredible feats, which is why many of them rely on massage therapists to make sure they don’t overwork their bodies. Since athletes need massages that make sure they don’t tear a muscle or do anything else that could cause them to stop playing, their massage therapist will need to have a deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. They’ll also need to be familiar with the sport their client is playing so they know which parts of the body they’ll need to work with most. It’s a great career path for any massage therapist who has a love of sports!

sports massage therapist

Wherever You Want

If you’ve always had a dream of working for yourself, a future in massage therapy could help you get there! A lot of licensed massage therapists decide that they want to offer their skills as a freelancer. Whether that means from the comfort of your own home or traveling to where the client is, you make the rules. You decide when and where you want to help others feel better. That kind of freedom in your career is something that many people crave and is just another reason why we’re grateful to be working in an industry that allows that.

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