The New York State Department of Education ( – NYS Education Dept. Office of the Professions) requires 1,000 hours of education in order to be licensed. Although the OSTM program meets or exceeds most state licensing board requirements, students wishing to practice in another state should contact that state’s department of education for their specific requirements.

The OSTM’s diverse curriculum prepares students to take the NY State board exam and provides them with the tools and skills to begin a career as a licensed massage therapist with confidence.

The OSTM 1,000-hour program meets New York State requirements as follows:

  • Anatomy & Physiology (150 Hours)
  • Eastern Massage (70 Hours)
  • Myology (150 Hours)
  • Pathology (100 Hours)
  • Neurology (50 Hours)
  • Swedish Massage (130 Hours)
  • Sports Massage (17.5 Hours)
  • Treatment Techniques (92.5 Hours)
  • Clinic (100 Hours)
  • Chair Massage (10.5 Hours)
  • Pregnancy Massage (7 Hours)
  • Energy Techniques (17.5 Hours)
  • Directed Study (30 Hours)
  • Hygiene (21.5 Hours)
  • New York State Law & Ethics (7 Hours)
  • Business (14 Hours)
  • Communications (21 Hours)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & First Aid (8 Hours)
  • Abuse Awareness (3.5 Hours)

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