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Introduction to the Rosen Method Bodywork (NOTE: A prerequisite for course is introductory Rosen session with instructor. For info on how to arrange this session prior to signing up for course, contact Anais Salibian :: Rochester OSTM :: Sat July 12, 2014 and Sun July 13, 2014 9am-5pm

NeuroMuscular Massage for the Neck :: Rochester OSTM :: Saturday July 19, 2014 9am-3pm

NeuroMuscular Massage for the TMJ, Face and Head (Prerequisite: NeuroMuscular Massage for the Neck within the past 3 years :: Rochester OSTM :: Saturday July 26, 2014 9am-3pm

Overview of Board Exam Review Class :: Rochester OSTM :: Fri 8-1/1412pm-8pm & Sat 8-2-14 10am-6pm

Tui-Na-Anma- Chinese Medical Massage with Visceral Manipulation and Medical Qigong :: Rochester OSTM :: 5-6-14

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