2014 Alumni Nights

Dear OSTM Alumni,

Greetings from your alma mater! OSTM consistently hears from the field about the expertise and professionalism of OSTM graduates they employ. Congratulations on being excellent ambassadors of your profession.

Consumers continue to support in the efficacy of massage for relaxation, pain relief, and overall health and wellness.  Recent AMTA data suggests that 89% of all people who receive massage recommend and encourage family and friends to do the same. The healthcare industry continues to provide new employment opportunities to massage therapists.

This growing number of referrals from healthcare professionals indicates more integration of massage into health care environments and plans. A wider variety of individuals are seeking out your services.

Since 2000, over 800 graduates have gone on to become LMTs. A majority of you continue to live and practice in the Greater Monroe county area.  Collectively, you represent an abundant local resource that can and should encourage growth in your profession.

As part of OSTM’s ongoing commitment to the professional massage community, we would like to:

  • Encourage graduates to develop more local Continuing Education classes for your colleagues. Many of you have become local experts in a variety of techniques and strategies in your practice.  In this effort, we will offer class planning for ideas you may have for a CE class.  Share your knowledge with others. Call me directly at 585-241-0070 to discuss these possibilities.
  • Our Hands-on room will be available select Wednesdays to gather and have discussions of interest to LMTs. I am soliciting ideas for topics at this time.  Please email me with ideas or topics of interest.  Contact me (tomg@ostm.edu) if you have any topics you would like to initiate with your fellow LMTs.
  • Monthly Alumni Night will also be offer 10% off all products in our store.  If no topic is planned, feel free to stop in and look at some products at a reduced rate.

The next Alumni Nights will be 6pm on:

**Watch for our 2015 calendar post in January**

Call for Information or ideas (585-241-0070)

I continue to be energized how the public is recognizing the benefit of massage in their lives.  It is skilled professionals such as you that make this a reality.  I look forward to meeting many of you at monthly alumni nights at OSTM and as your ideas for CE classes emerge.


To Our Dear OSTM Community

Alumni, prospective students and patrons of Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we have some important news regarding the future of our schools.

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