December Student of the Month: Cristal Pagliaro-Sabatini

With another year coming to a close, it’s time for us to nominate another excellent student who is now an alumni of Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM). This month we wanted to highlight Cristal Pagliaro-Sabatini as our outstanding student of the month! Cristal recently completed our 6 month full-time program and graduated on December 7th, 2018. She is one of our incredibly bright students and we’re excited to see what she is able to do with her career!

Finding a Career to be Passionate About

Before taking the leap into massage therapy, Cristal worked in several different fields. Her jobs ranged from a position as district manager in big box retail all the way to owning her own restaurant. No matter what role she filled, she felt like they were simply jobs rather than a career. She wanted to find a career that she was passionate about and could stick with.

Christine decided to start on the path to becoming a licensed Massage therapist here at OSTM in Rochester. She felt like massage therapy was a field where she could build a career and feel passionate about what she does, and she’s never looked back. During her program, Cristal found enjoyed both the science-based classes and hands-on classes and sometimes found them challenging. She faces all of her challenges head-on and was unwavering in her pursuit of becoming a massage therapist.

An Example in Dedication

Cristal was nominated as student of the month for demonstrating her dedication to massage therapy daily. People could witness her dedication in everything, whether she was tutoring peers or in the way she worked with clients in the student clinic. One of her recent clients wrote:

“Cristal has a gift for making you instantly feel at ease when you are on her table. She constantly checks in with you during the massage and gets right to the source of what’s bothering you. After the massage, she has recommendations and exercises to help you stay healthy and not be in the same state you walked into her therapy room with. What else can I say other than she is a miracle worker!”

Cristal’s dedication to massage is even more evident because she chose to return to OSTM to become a graduate tutor. During this time she will work in our professional clinic to continue to see clients while she prepares for her licensure exam in late January 2019. It’s for these and many other reasons that Cristal was selected for this month’s student of the month!

Find Your Passion

Cristal was driven to find a career that she was passionate about and that she could continue to build upon. Does that sound like your situation? Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage is where you can get your massage therapy education to allow you to make a career of helping other people. Contact us to learn more about our massage therapy programs in Syracuse and Rochester. Don’t wait another day to pursue something you’re passionate about!


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