Student of the Month: Kathy Connor

We would like to congratulate Kathy Connor for being chosen as the April student of the month for our Syracuse campus. Her positive attitude, passion for learning new things, and helping others grow is why she’s an amazing student!

Kathy Connor

Meet Kathy

Before she came to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, Kathy was no stranger to the medical world and the healing that can come from it. After graduating with an associate’s degree from a nursing program, Kathy worked in a hospital setting for seven years. She also worked in homecare for ten years and taught in the licensed practical nurse (LPN) program at the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) for twelve years. When she decided to retire from nursing, it didn’t take long for her to realize that she still wanted to help people with their health and overall wellness.

For Kathy, massage therapy seemed like the next step in her career path. Learning more about massage therapy has allowed Kathy to also find out more about herself and she’s grateful for the positive learning experiences she’s had. Her determination to approach each challenge with a smile has helped Kathy get the most out of her learning and we love watching her grow as a student!

Passion for Learning

One reason why Kathy is an amazing student is because she’s always excited to learn more about massage therapy so she can help others. Kathy says that she loves to learn all that she can about massage therapy. If she had to pick one area of massage therapy as her favorite, she says that she would choose Swedish Massage. “It’s remarkable how we’re able to incorporate different modalities into a Swedish Massage”, she says. We think it’s amazing that Kathy loves a Swedish Massage because it’s able to teach her so much.

Kathy says that the OSTM staff have all been very supportive and have encouraged her to keep learning more. However, she says that the biggest inspiration for her has been her fellow students. We love watching Kathy interact with other students and seeing how much she cares for others!

What’s Next for Kathy

Kathy has no plans to stop working after she graduates. She hopes to work in a spa setting for at least a year, so she can learn more about the different areas of massage therapy. After learning more about massage therapy, she hopes to help others fulfill their passions by starting a small massage business of her own. She also plans on becoming certified as a lymphedema therapist. With all these options and Kathy’s determined spirit, we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish.

No matter what she does, Kathy wants to help provide a service to others that will make them feel better. She says, “I love helping my clients feel better both physically and emotionally and guiding them to improved self-care.”

Interested in Massage

If you’re like Kathy and you want to help people feel better, then massage therapy could be a great option for you. Contact us to learn more about our massage therapy program and how you can start the application process.


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