Student of the Month: Sean Hogan

There is nothing quite like seeing a student succeed and go above and beyond our expectations. Here at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, we make sure that our students are getting the most out of their education and constantly progressing. We are so lucky to have amazing students, and we are proud to have them represent our name.

Sean Hogan

Onondaga student of the month: Sean Hogan

This month we would like to give special attention to one of our very own: Sean Hogan. Sean is a 12 month student at the Rochester campus. When asked why he decided to pursue a career in massage therapy, he told us that he has always had an interest in the structure and the function of the human body for as far back as he can remember. He attributes most of his interest in bodywork and massage to being the son of a chiropractor.

As a child Sean would watch as clients visited his father’s practice and would walk in with a limp, staggered gate, or other injuries and would walk out of the office with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

Changing His Career

Sometimes your plans don’t always end up the way you think they will. If you’re anything like Sean, you’ll make the best of it.

After completing four years of college and finding himself unsatisfied with his career, he began to consider a new career in Massage Therapy. Sean states, “After looking at several schools and examining their curriculum, it was clear that the curriculum, supports, and staff at OSTM-Rochester were far superior to any other school in the area.” We are beyond thrilled he chose us! What an honor to have Sean be apart of our team.

Why Onondaga?

Sean really did his homework when it came down to which school to attend. When asked what made Onondaga stand out he told us that, “Onondaga gives you the tools and the support to be successful with their free tutoring program for the science courses. They have dedicated staff to advise and academically counsel you, and they have one of the highest licensure rates in the state of NY, which means that they really prepare students to get licensed and begin working as a Licensed Massage Therapist”.

Sean’s Favorite Part (So Far)

Sean genuinely enjoys the work and what he is learning. His favorite classes are his Myology and his Anatomy & Physiology classes. “I really enjoy thinking of the body as a big jigsaw puzzle, once you start learning about the body and how each system in the body supports or relies on another it all starts making sense.”

Sean’s Take on Massage Therapy

Sean can personally testify of the benefits of massage. When Sean was a teen he was involved in an accident resulting in a traumatic brain surgery. Sean credits a significant portion of his recovery to the efforts of bodywork professionals (Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors).

This experience was the motivation that Sean needed in order to pursue his passion to become a better massage therapist for his clients.

The Bright Future

We won’t be surprised when Sean makes a successful career for himself. His love for his craft is demonstrated every day on campus. Sean hopes to work in a medical setting once he finishes his studies and start his business in a chiropractic or physical therapist’s office to educate others on the benefits of massage.

Be Like Sean

Sean is determined, motivated, knowledgeable, honest, and supportive of his classmates and faculty. Even when class is over he is one of the first to take the extra time to work with a fellow classmate to explain a concept in a different way, test them on muscle origins before a quiz, or just talk things out with a classmate to reassure them. It’s pretty obvious why Sean was chosen to be our student of the month. We are all inspired by Sean. If you want to meet Sean or other students like him, book an appointment for a student massage.


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