Where to Spot Sports Massage Therapists

Massage has become so integral to the professional sport scene that the massage therapists tend to blend into the background! Throughout the year you can see sports massage therapists, so here are a few of the places you’ll likely spot them!

The Olympics

The Winter Olympics are taking place again in 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea, and the sports massage therapists will be out in full force! Even before the Olympics take place, massage therapists have been volunteering year round at Olympic training centers around the country. This gives them a chance to hone their sports massage skills, expand their resume, and potentially perform massage for the top athletes in the United States!

The first official sports massage team for the United States was organized in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. It was a new and tenuous time for massage therapy in professional sports because there was still a great deal of misunderstanding about how massage therapy could help professional athletes. Fast forward to modern day sports and it’s rare to find professional sports that don’t have massage therapists assisting the athletes!

The Superbowl

Sports massage and the National Football League (NFL) have become inseparably connected in recent years. NFL players have to fight tooth and nail to earn the spots they have on their respective teams, but their fight isn’t over then. If a pro player is injured, they have a substitute that covers for them while they recover. If that substitute turns out to be a better player than the injured player, they will suddenly be out of a career as a professional football player.

Sports massage is heavily used in the NFL to help players keep their edge. It’s used to help prevent injury as well as to help heal injuries faster. It’s even commonplace for NFL athletes to hire on personal massage therapists in addition to the NFL staff that already provides service. It’s considered an important investment in their NFL careers!

Other Professional Performers

The benefit of sports massage has become well known at this point, so the application of massage has also spread quite far. In addition to the NFL, most other national sports leagues utilize sports massage to enhance the health and performance of their athletes. Whether it’s cyclists at the Tour de France or soccer players at the World Cup, massage therapists have a place!

Not only have massage therapists taken over the sporting world, but their presence is expanding into other fields. Professional dancers are using massage therapists more and more to improve their health and the quality of their performances!

Where Would You Like to Be?

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