Student of the Month: Dan Paulan

We are excited to congratulate Dan Paulan on being the March student of the month at our Syracuse campus! He is being recognized for his hard work and willingness to help others.

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Change of Pace

Before coming to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, Dan was an account executive at Syracuse University. He was responsible for selling season and group tickets for football, basketball, and lacrosse. Like many of our students, he decided it was time for a change of pace.

However, his path to massage is a little unusual. Dan found out about OSTM from his fiance, who just graduated from the same massage therapy program last December. His fiance did well in the program and was even voted student speaker at graduation! After seeing his fiance’s success and being exposed to the world of massage, Dan knew he would be able to enjoy getting an education at OSTM.

Passion for Massage

Dan decided to make the change to massage because he wants to improve people’s lives. He says, “I’ve always been drawn to helping others and I want to make a positive impact on someone’s life.”

After experiencing the type of job he describes as “a typical 9-5,” Dan enjoys not having to sit behind a desk each day. He is excited to have a job he is passionate about and look forward to going to work.

He knows that a career in massage will never be boring or repetitive. “Each client will bring something new or different each day. No two clients will be the same, and I enjoy that variety.”

On to Future Success

Dan is inspired by his parents and his fiance. They have motivated him throughout his journey to massage. He says, “Each of them pushes me in their own way, all positive.”

His plan after school is to start working for an established business to gain experience and clientele. However, his true goal is to eventually open his own massage therapy practice.

In the end, Dan is glad he made the change to massage. If he hadn’t made the change, he says “My life would probably be dull. I would’ve been stuck in the same routine that I was in for the last two years. I’m definitely glad I made this change in my life.”

Interested in Massage?

If you are passionate about helping others and want to enjoy the work you do each day, massage therapy could be the path for you. Please contact us to learn more about our massage therapy program and if a massage therapy education is right for you.

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