Student of the Month: Amanda Denney

At Onondaga School of Massage Therapy, we love seeing our students progress in their massage therapy education. We always look forward to when we get to highlight them and the hard work they put in our program. This month, we’re spotlighting Amanda Denney. Her positive attitude and dedication to learning massage techniques are just some reasons why she’s an amazing student! Read more to find out more about her and why she chose Onondaga School of Massage.

Amanda Denney

About Amanda

Amanda just started the 15-month day program in April, but she’s already shown amazing progress in her skills as an up and coming massage therapist. Through her positivity and dedication to push herself, we’ve been so impressed with her and can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes during her time with us.

Amanda says that her mom has encouraged her to go after what she’s passionate about. “My mom inspires me”, she says. “I’ve grown up watching her struggle to get by. It pushed me to work so much harder.” We’re so proud of Amanda and the positive example she sets for other students.

Switch to Massage Therapy

Before enrolling in our program, Amanda worked at a local coffee shop. So, why did she decide to begin an education with us? Amanda says that she wanted a career that would feel permanent and she believed she could find that with a future in massage therapy. We are so happy that Amanda is able to do something she loves with us!

Amanda says that she chose to study massage therapy with us because of our convenient location. After signing up for information, Amanda was contacted by our Admissions office and “everything fell into place quickly” after that. We want to help students start doing what they love, and that’s why we strive to guide students through the application process every step of the way. We’re so happy that students like Amanda can get the help they need from our amazing staff!

Passion for Massage

We can’t wait to see what Amanda learns during her time with us. Her dedication to the program and her desire to learn more show her incredible passion for massage. We love seeing our students each find something special about massage that excites them. One of Amanda’s favorite things about massage therapy is that she can learn how to incorporate calmness and relaxation into her everyday work.

Amanda is already looking forward to what she can do after graduation. She says that right now she’s thinking about doing something spa-related, but that could change. With a variety of career options after graduation, Amanda says that the possible career options available is one of her favorite parts about massage. We think it’s great that massage therapy is a growing industry and we look forward to seeing what Amanda chooses to do after she graduates.

Want to Start Your Massage Education?

Were you inspired by this story? If you’re like Amanda and you want to help people feel better, then massage therapy could be a great option for you! Contact us to find out more about our Massage Therapy program and how you can start the application process.


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