Student of the Month: Carey Rookey

We are excited to congratulate Carey Rookey on being June’s student of the month. Carey’s commitment to her massage education, willingness to listen to advice, and positive attitude are just some reasons why we think she’s an incredible student! Read more about her to find out why she chose to start an education in massage therapy.

Carey Rookey

Why Study Massage Therapy

Before enrolling in our 12-month program, Carey worked as an administrative assistant in a medical care office. She says that she made the switch to massage therapy because she’s always had a passion for helping others and she wanted an education where she could directly make others feel great. After experiencing the healing effects of massage therapy for herself, Carey knew that this was the education she wanted to pursue.

Carey says that she chose Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage because she loved the “small personal atmosphere” here. We’re glad that Carey found us and is able to do what she loves at our school. With our personalized education, we’ve been able to see Carey’s progression in massage. We are so impressed with her dedication to get involved with the resources that are offered here so she can become a better massage therapist. She’s an amazing example to our other students!

Experience at School

Carey is always going above and beyond to make sure that she’s making good progress in her massage techniques. Asking for extra help and listening to feedback with a positive attitude are some of the ways Carey shows her commitment to learning more about massage therapy. We’ve loved seeing Carey improve in something that she feels passionate about. Carey says that meeting other people and helping them feel better is what she loves about her massage education. It really makes a difference when you’re studying something that you love.

Carey says that she draws inspiration from family members and fellow classmates. Having a positive environment where students uplift and inspire each other is one of our main priorities as a school. We know that our students look to Carey as an example as well and we’re so excited that our students can have encouragement from other students to keep learning.

Future in Massage

One of Carey’s favorite parts of the massage industry has been the opportunity to learn more about swedish massages with a holistic approach. We can’t wait for Carey to be able to use what she’s learned in a future career. Carey says that right now she plans on gaining experience in a local spa after graduation. Whatever she decides to pursue, we know she’ll do it with a smile and a hard-working attitude just like she’s done with her education.

Study Massage Therapy With Us

Were you inspired by Carey’s journey in massage therapy? Do you want to learn massage techniques with her and other incredible students? If you love helping others feel good, then massage could be a great path for you. Contact us to find out more about our massage therapy program. We can’t wait to help you get started!


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