Student of the Month: Jamie Francis

We are excited to congratulate Jamie Francis on being our Student of the Month for November! Her positivity and professionalism are just some of the reasons why she’s become an amazing addition to our campus. Read more about her to find out why she switched to massage therapy after working in the same job for 18 years and what her plans are for a career in the massage industry!

Jamie Francis

About Jamie

Before enrolling in our massage therapy program, Jamie was working in banking for 18 years. So why did she decide to make such a big change? Jamie said that four years before applying, she had been receiving massages and personally experiencing the healing benefits that come from them. That’s when she decided that a future in massage could be a great career path for her. “I wanted to work in a peaceful, healing environment making people feel amazing like my massage therapists did for me,” she told us.

Even though leaving a career path she had been on for 18 years was a big change, Jamie says that it has been worth it! It’s allowed her to study her passions of holistic health and natural healing of the body and mind in a relaxing and encouraging environment. Jamie believes that making the switch to massage therapy helped her career line up with her morals, ethics, values, and passion. We are so glad to hear that massage therapy has been a great fit for Jamie and that she could study something she loves with us!

Experience at OSTM

Jamie says that she chose to study here because of the positive alumni feedback and an easy application process. She also said that our school’s welcoming atmosphere was why she felt like this was the right place for her. We know that having a safe space to learn what you love is important for massage therapy so we’re happy to hear that Jamie could feel at home with our staff and other students.

During her time studying with us, Jamie has made amazing progress in her skills and continues to improve. She says that she’s loved working with clients and knowing that she was able to relieve their pain. We can easily see the passion she has for helping people because of her positive attitude and constant smile! While performing massages, one of Jamie’s favorite things is that she’s able to personalize them to what each specific client needs by using multiple techniques and modalities. Making sure that every client receives a massage specific to their needs is one sign of an amazing massage therapist and we think it’s great that Jamie loves this about the industry!

Future in Massage

Jamie says that she’s inspired by her mother to work hard towards her passion for massage therapy. Three days before she was supposed to start our program, Jamie’s mother unexpectedly passed away. “She was my biggest fan and would be so proud of me and all I have accomplished at OSTM,” she told us. While watching Jamie put everything into our program, we couldn’t agree more with her!

After graduating from our program, Jamie has big plans for her future in massage therapy. She eventually wants to open her own practice so she can continue to help others heal their body and mind. With her passion and positive attitude, we can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish!

Want to Start Your Future in Massage?

Were you inspired by Jamie’s story and want to start your own journey into massage therapy? Our program could be a great way for you to get started! Contact us to learn more about us and how you can begin the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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