Student of the Month: Jasmin Rodgers

At Onondaga School for Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we’re proud of our students and their incredible dedication to their education. We love watching them grow in something they’re passionate about and their positive attitudes make all the difference. Every month, we take the time to highlight one of our students to show them how much we appreciate their hard work. Our September student of the month for our Syracuse location is Jasmin Rodgers. Read our blog to find out more about her and why she’s an amazing student at our school!

picture of Jasmin Rodgers

About Jasmin

Jasmin’s positive outlook on life and her commitment to her education are just some reasons why she’s a great student at our school. Not only is she working hard to complete our massage therapy program, but she’s also an active duty service member in the military.

Along with her responsibilities as an active-duty soldier, Jasmin is also completely dedicated to learning more from our program. Even though her commute to our school is over an hour, she has an excellent attendance record. Her dedication to coming to school and learning all she can is why she maintains great grades and is an example to other students. She says she’s able to work so hard towards her dreams from the inspiration she gets from her daughter who encourages Jasmin to become better every day. We’re in awe of her and everything she’s been able to accomplish since starting her education in our program!

Why Study Massage Therapy?

Jasmin loves being an active-duty soldier, but she says that massage therapy has always been something she’s wanted to learn more about. She had never thought about pursuing an education in it, but after researching more and looking at our school’s reviews, she decided to apply! She enrolled in our accelerated six-month program to help with her schedule. We’re so glad that she was able to find a program right for her because she’s become an important part of our community.

Jasmin says that she wanted an education that would allow her to grow throughout her career. With the goal of becoming a business owner someday, massage seemed like a great opportunity to work towards something she loves while also having a flexible schedule. Jasmin says that being able to fit your passion around other life commitments while meeting new people and understanding new perspectives is one of her favorite parts about the massage industry. Even in our massage clinic, Jasmin is interacting with a lot of different people and learning a lot of useful skills for a future career!

Future in Massage

Jasmin plans on using her education in massage therapy to help other active-duty soldiers. Her future goal is to eventually own a spa that takes care of the military community by promoting relaxation and peace of mind. We think that this is the perfect way for Jasmin to combine her two passions. With her great attitude and passion to learn more, we can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish in the massage industry!

Ready to Start a Massage Education?

Do you want to learn the latest massage techniques with students like Jasmin? Our massage therapy program could be a great way to learn with others who share your same passion and start a future that you’re excited about. Contact us to find out more about how you can begin the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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