Student of the Month: Katherine Fuller

Here at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), we love watching our students learn what they’re passionate about. We don’t want all their hard work to go unnoticed. That’s why we take time each month to recognize one of our students here. This month we’re highlighting Katherine Fuller! Her passion for massage and helping others is just one reason why we think she’s a great student. Read more to find out about her journey in our program so far.

Picture of a Katherine Fuller

About Katherine

Katherine works as a bartender, but she knew that she wanted to do something else to help others. Massages have always been something that Katherine enjoyed, so an education in massage therapy seemed like the perfect opportunity to help others. She decided to attend our school after taking a tour of the campus and deciding that it was the right fit for her. “I decided on OSTM because the staff were incredible during the school tour,” she told us. “I could tell that the teachers and staff wanted you to be successful.”

We couldn’t be happier to hear about Katherine’s tour and that she could feel our staff’s support from the very start of her massage therapy journey. She’s been enrolled in our intensive 6-month program in July and since then she’s been putting in a lot of effort to learn more. We’re so proud of her dedication. Her passion is why she’s an amazing addition to our campus!

A Chance to Help Others

Katherine says that she loves the massage therapy industry because helping people is a big passion for her. With so many benefits that massage can offer people, it’s not hard to see why Katherine was drawn towards this industry. Her positive attitude and desire to help is why she’s great with clients.

As she’s started to work with clients, she’s already received great feedback from her clients about how skilled she already is! Since she loves helping people, we can see that she really listens to her clients and wants to give them the best massage experience possible. In an industry that focuses on providing relaxation for people, we know that Katherine can do incredible things after graduation!

Future in Massage

Family is important to Katherine and it was her mother who motivated her to go after a massage therapy education. “My mother inspired me to follow my dreams and has shown me that it is never too late to switch up what you want to do in life,” she told us. “She has always been hardworking and an amazing role model. You rock, Mom!!” We completely agree with Katherine’s mother and believe that you can start your passion wherever you are in life.

Katherine wants to continue helping people and she plans on doing this with her little sister. Her goal is to open up her own spa with her sister so they can provide people with the healing benefits of massage. With her supporting family, we can see where Katherine gets her caring nature. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes after graduation!

Want to Know More About Massage?

Do you want to start an education in massage with students who share your same passion? Our massage therapy program could be a great beginning for your new path! Contact us to learn about our programs, how to start the application process, and more. We can’t wait to help begin your journey!


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