Student of the Month: Theresa Agostinelli

At Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage we love getting to know our students and seeing them work hard to achieve their goals. That’s why we love to highlight one of our students each month! This time we’re spotlighting Theresa Agostinelli from our Rochester campus. Her compassion and determination to help others are just some qualities that make her an amazing student!

Theresa Agostinelli

Meet Theresa

Before studying at Onondaga School of Therapeutic, Theresa was already working in the medical field. She had been working in the nursing field and was most recently a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Rochester. So, what made her switch from nursing to massage therapy?

She said that she wanted to do something that gave her a deeper connection with her patients and that massage therapy is able to do that. Although she loved working with the youth and supporting their health and wellness, Theresa wanted to learn more about the “therapeutic touch” and how it could help her patients both physically and mentally. We’re so happy that Theresa chose us to study something that interests her and encourages a deeper understanding of her patients!

Experience as a Student

Theresa enrolled in our six-month program after touring our campus, and since then she’s loved learning about massage therapy techniques from professionals of bodywork and massage. What makes her a great student is her determination to learn and this shows through her participation in both her science and hands-on massage classes. Theresa wants to be challenged and we love seeing her push herself to be the best massage therapist she can be.

Theresa’s desire to connect with patients is demonstrated in her clinical experience. She takes the time to know her patients and her open-minded attitude allows her to take positive feedback and apply it for future appointments. It’s this level of devotion that allows Theresa to have steady rebooks from patients who know she’s dedicated to making their experience enjoyable.

What Comes Next?

Theresa plans to graduate in June this year and she has big plans for how she can use her new massage therapy knowledge. She wants to continue helping people with their health and well-being, but now she’s excited to use massage therapy as a way to provide that care. Massage therapy is a great way to provide compassionate healing for those who need it and that’s exactly what Theresa plans on doing.

As a caregiver, Theresa would love to support people who would especially benefit from a therapeutic touch. She says that she would love to work with chronically ill patients, women during and after their pregnancy, infants, and anyone else who requires healing. We think this is perfect for someone like Theresa, who has such a caring nature. We’re excited to see what she’ll accomplish!

Want to Know More About Massage

If you have a desire to connect with other people and help them feel better like Theresa, then massage therapy could be a great path for you! Contact us to find out more about our massage therapy program and how you can book a personal tour of our campus!


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