Student of the Month: Tyrone Kelly Jr.

Passionate about massage? So are the students at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), and they are shaping their futures with it. Our student of the month at our Rochester location is Tyrone Kelly Jr. and we are excited to share his story. Learn more about Tyrone’s story and how he is following his passion for massage.

Tyrone Kelly Jr.

About Tyrone

Tyrone is a multitasker, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, a master barber, owner of Plushh Salon, and a student in our massage therapy program. He’s motivated and driven, and when he puts his mind to something, he gives it his all. Tyrone has kept his business running while enrolled in our accelerated six-month program. We are so excited to see him succeed at school while balancing his own business at the same time.

We are amazed by Tyrone’s accomplishments both in school and out. He is proof that you can get an education while keeping up with a busy schedule, which fits his personality perfectly. When asked who inspires him, he replied, “Me. I’m very self-motivated and goal-oriented. I also feel responsible to lead by example.”

Can’t decide whether or not going to learn massage therapy is right for you? Follow Tyrone’s example and learn more about how he decided massage therapy was his next step.

Why Study Massage Therapy?

Tyrone decided to study massage because of his passion for health and wellness. He says he really enjoys massage and that it’s been an instrumental part of his life. Additionally, he’s hoping that studying massage therapy can give him an opportunity to expand his existing business.

In his experiences with massage therapy, Tyrone says his favorite part of the industry are the people he works with.

“I enjoy the exchange of energies and the ability to help others while simultaneously receiving a therapeutic release for myself,” Tyrone told us. “Nothing else matters when I practice.” Massage is powerful, and we appreciated hearing more about why he was so passionate about learning.

Why Choose OSTM?

Tyrone decided to develop his passion for massage through OSTM, which he heard about through word-of-mouth from former students. While he believes every day is great, he doesn’t think life would be as fulfilling without starting this education in massage at OSTM.

Future in Massage

Tyrone plans to expand the services offered at his hair salon by incorporating his massage practice. He wants to offer massage services daily in the morning and afternoon, either as an extension of or in collaboration with his existing business. We love the idea of combining massage and beauty together.

Given his prior business success, we think this is an achievable goal for Tyrone, and believe he can accomplish many more amazing things in the industry! We’ve definitely seen a variety of opportunities for our students, as there are many careers you can choose to pursue after gaining an education in massage.

Ready to Learn How Start a Massage Education?

Do you want to start learning massage therapy techniques with amazing students like Tyrone? At Onondaga, we strive to teach our students numerous massage techniques that can help prepare them for a future in massage! Contact us to learn more about our Massage Therapy program and how you can get started on the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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