Bodyworks Massage~November 22nd, 2017

Bodyworks Massage is starting to shift into high gear ASAP. Christmas through Mother’s day is our season. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are going to get very busy especially with people using gift certificates from last year. We need another deep tissue therapist. Deep meaning a good connective tissue, effective and comprehensive massage. Mellow, cheerful happy therapists that have a good understanding of the business (ex: clients who no shows or late, etc.) are needed. We do not want anyone that works to close to us or is trying to build their business by taking our clients. You must be reliable! We can book you 4 or 5 appts on a Saturday! Bring us a resume and bring your happy soul into our happy home. It is a wonderful fit for people who just want to bring their sheets and oils and we provide the rooms, music, essential oil lotions, unscented lotions, fireplaces, music, and of course clients. Very nice to come in booked and leave without the hassle of running your own business and we always have people together so you are never alone. If you see Michael at the school ask him about us. He just started and is doing very well :) 115 North Main Street, North Syracuse, New York 13212 458-0501